Having battle with dry skin for years, I have tried numerous hydrating products in hope to have a THE ONE for me.

Unfortunately, nothing really has worked for me after second bottle.

Aveda Balancing Infusion Botanical Treatment for Dry Skin

Here’s my current favorite hydrating ‘serum’ – Balancing Infusion – Botanical treatment for dry skin.

My first bottle was given to me by Rinnah, and I loved it! And yes, loved it enough to purchase a second bottle.

It’s housed in a glass bottle with drip. It’s very secure and definitely no leaking from the bottle.

It has strong floral scent, and it smells really ‘potent’.

Aveda Balancing Infusion Botanical Treatment for Dry Skin Instructions

It’s main ingredient is patchouli and ylang ylang. Patchouli essential oil has anti-depressant and anti-septic effects, while ylang ylang has calming and soothing effect, and usually has strong flowery fragrance.

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For decades, coconut oils have been widely used for different purposes, be it for cooking, healing or beauty purposes. It’s known to be multi-purpose, natural, easily available, and most of all, affordable.

I picked up a bottle of coconut oil while I was in Bangkok, it looked promising, and it was only about 140 Baht. I had a whiff at the stall and it smelled exactly like coconut without the artificial fragrance.

Natural Coconut Oil

Initially, I bought this oil for the purpose of oil pulling, but I decided not to try it since I have nothing specific to treat and it’s not a yummy thought for sure.

Coconut Oil Usage


The suggestion of usage even includes taking it directly, since it’s culinary grade, I suppose it’s not going to harm my skin  or scalp.

Some of the uses of coconut oil that I have personally tried:

  • As facial or body oil - As oily as it sounds, it actually doesn’t feel bad on skin at all! On some nights that my skin feels unusually tight, I pat on some coconut oil as my moisturizer right while the toner is still moist on skin. It helps to reduce the greasy feeling and enhance absorption. I haven’t had any breakouts but I think my skin actually looks more glowy with the usage of coconut oil. And yes, it looks like I have found the best affordable oil for my skin!
  • Hair treatment - Other than as my facial oil, I also apply on the hair ends, with the remaining on my palm, I then massage it on my scalp. It’s said to be able to improve scalp condition and hair growth, while I have not seen any new hair growth, but my hair feels softer definitely. However, I do wash my hair in the morning before work, so no greasiness here!
  • Body scrub - Add  some coconut oil into brown sugar, make it into a paste with your preferred consistency, and you are good to go.
  • Lip balm - When I have leftover of coconut oil on my hand, I give my lips a gentle tap before bed as my lip balm. It works, and it doesn’t kill me even if I lick it off when I sleep.

There are still another 999 ways to use this oil, but I could only confirm based on my own usage. I have been using this oil for more than a month daily, and I am glad to say that it works, and it’s pocket friendly!

Now, who needs those expensive oils? ;)


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