Once in a while, I find amazing stuff at Daiso, and some of those little things that you never knew you needed until you saw it.

As I have been trying to tidy up my room, *er hem*, as always, I have been thinking how to utilize my room for more storage while still maintaining the tidiness.

I have been some of those long necklaces to work lately, and for convenience sake, I just leave them on a hook on my cupboard instead of the accessories pocket.

Wall hook 1

This sticker hook has been sticking around on my cupboard for a while, but I never really found a use for it because it’s too tiny for bags or clothes. It was from Daiso, but discontinued already. The best part of this is – it’s easily removable to relocate and it leaves no stain at all. When I thought of getting a few more of it for these accessories, it’s no longer available :(

Suction cup

Since I can’t nail on nor want those sticky residue on my wardrobe, I looked around for some ideas. Then I found these in Daiso!

Basically, suction cups are for glass or tiles, but with this amazing suction pads, you can transform any smooth surface to suction cup friendly.  However, this also means that you need to spend 2x to get a suction cup up.

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A week or two ago, I had the chance to be invited to visit the new concept store of Melvita, which was opened in 1 Mont Kiara shopping mall about a month ago, which was a relocation from KLCC.

Melvita 1 Mont Kiara

Hello brand new shop!

Melvita Beauty Oils

Upon entrance, you are welcomed by the 3 humongous oils in test tubes. They are their signatures of Melvita.

Having tried a couple of their oils, I must say my favorite has to be calendula. Unlike rosehip or avocado, it’s one of the lightest oils and it doesn’t have much scent to it.

Something worth a mention here is also the greens on the wall, it’s actually preserved mosses, and carefully pinned to real tree bark.

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Essential SOS for Dry Skin: Aveda Balancing Infusion Botanical Treatment for Dry Skin

August 13, 2014

Having battle with dry skin for years, I have tried numerous hydrating products in hope to have a THE ONE for me. Unfortunately, nothing really has worked for me after second bottle. Here’s my current favorite hydrating ‘serum’ – Balancing Infusion – Botanical treatment for dry skin. My first bottle was given to me by […]

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Current Favorite: The Multi-Purpose Coconut Oil

July 17, 2014

For decades, coconut oils have been widely used for different purposes, be it for cooking, healing or beauty purposes. It’s known to be multi-purpose, natural, easily available, and most of all, affordable. I picked up a bottle of coconut oil while I was in Bangkok, it looked promising, and it was only about 140 Baht. […]

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Friday Fun: Do you apply lipstick in the car?

June 6, 2014

Every morning, my routine before heading to work is – wakeup, bath, breakfast, then dash out of house. I don’t usually put on make up everyday, but at the minimum, I have blusher and lipstick on. My lipstick application is usually done in the car, particularly at the traffic lights (if lucky), otherwise it’s on […]

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My Brush Frenzy – of Hakuhodo and Lam Sam Yick Brushes

May 19, 2014

Over the weekend, I hopped to KL Convention Center just for Hakuhodo to pick up one brush…and of course, I picked up more than what I intended. And it got me thinking, I am actually on a brush frenzy lately. Here are all the additional brushes to my collection in just 2 months! My first […]

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