As a working adult, handbag is one of my staple accessories to work, and I usually prefer shoulder bag for the room, or sling bags for the hands-free convenience.

However, I tend to fill up my bag too much, and at sometimes it really feels like I am a carrying a kitchen sink around, especially when I have lunchbox and my water bottle together.  So one day, after seeing my friends’ posts of this backpack, I was hooked!

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

So, I got myself one from Shopbob, it only took 4 days to reach me from the USA 😀 I love express shipping, especially when I can’t wait to receive my purchase!

The wraparound zip opens to one main compartment & laptop sleeve,  and it has a front pocket and 2 sides pocket.

There weren’t many color choices, but I managed to pick this nice peach pink instead of a yellow.

Since it’s meant to be used often and bashed around, I tried to pick a color that’s more dirt resistant.

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack Peach Pink

This backpack has only 1 large compartment and a sleeve for tablet or laptop, however, the sleeve is big enough for a tablet but not a 14″ laptop. It comes with a soft foam that I do not bother to remove, I like it being there to support the bag structure. For the main compartment, it’s big enough for a 15″ notebook,  it is roomy and has more capacity than all my other handbags.

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Antipodes has been my favorite brand of organic skincare for a while now, it’s a brand from New Zealand and they have quite a few facial oils and serums that really pack a punch! It’s a brand that I see results on my skin compared to a few other organic brands around. Although I try to be as organic as I can but sadly my skin does not really agree with my aspiration.

Worship Superfruit Antixodicant Serum

In superfruit complex Vinanza Oxifend Plus®, boysenberry, blackcurrant, kiwifruit and revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza Grape® from grape seeds are extracted with a technique using only pure water for high natural bioactivity and no chemical residue. With shots of coffee berry, açaí and the essential fatty acid alpha lipoic acid (ALA), this is a supreme daily organic skin booster.

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