OSIM Eye Mask

by xin on June 22, 2007


There are plenty of eye masks and gel pad in the market, range from fresh cucumber eye pad or eye mask. I am not really a big fan of eye mask because sometimes I am too lazy to apply it, applying it means I can’t do anything else other than chilling.


But, recently, I have been facing computer really a lot, other than when I am sleeping, I am sitting in front of monitor, and I think it’s time to do something to soothe my puffy eyes.


This OSIM eye gel pad can be used in two ways, either you freeze it or heat it up. Instructions are printed at the back on the holder. They say, you can heat it up in the oven! That’s quite extreme, I wonder if it will burst open in the oven. I did not use the oven, I heat it up in the warm water.


Although they say you should soak it in boiling water for a minute, but I find soaking in the boiling water for a minute is way too hot for my eyes, I even pad with a towel on my eyes before padding in onto me, but the heat is just too extreme. Instead of relaxing my eyes, it burns my eyes. So, now, I only soak it in warm water for about 3 mins, the heat absorbed is just nice.

It feels like a burden on eyes when I place it for too long, but, my eyes indeed feel more relaxed after using it. And, bonus to that, when you feel like you are having fever, you can freeze the pad and put it on your forehead. Sounds good right.

This is available at all OSIM stores, retailing at RM55.00.

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jcjsjc June 22, 2007 at 4:33 pm

hello. i’ve been following ur blog for some time now and i must say i love reading your reviews 🙂

i wanted to ask u about the all over shimmer highlighter but the post is so far away -_- so i just comment here

i didn’t get the opportunity to try it because stila 1U does not stock it. which colour did u get? would u say u don’t recommend it?

if not, can you recommend another highlighter for face?


prettybeautiful June 22, 2007 at 9:49 pm


Hi, thanks for reading this. It’s good to know someone likes what am i writing.

Well, about the stilla hightlighter, I wouldn’t say it’s bad nor would i recommend it, because it looks good when you just apply it but the shimmer doesn’t stay. We can’t possibly apply and apply over and over right. Unfortunately, I have never tried any other highlighter before, but I will try out when I come across other brand. 😀 You could probably search at other stilla counter and try it for yourself. I am using this shade #1 and it looks like bronze, but it’s actually silverish bronze.


Ben April 10, 2017 at 6:21 pm

My job requires a lot of reading, and by the end of the day my eyes feels so tired. Then I use Osim eye mask and after using it my eyes feel more relaxed and refreshed.


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