Sun, Sea, Food & Massages: Come Tour Phuket with Me!

by xin on October 19, 2012

It’s a Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, and beachy holiday tour anyone?

Last week, I made a trip to a considerably beautiful island – Phuket for a short getaway, and oh boy, it’s a paradise!

Apparently, Phuket is much more developed than I imagined! I have been to Krabi, but it’s 10x more prosperous than Krabi!

Tri Trang Beach Evening

I will bring you a short tour of Phuket and some places that I went I think worth going 😀 It’s going to be lengthy but you can use it as a reference should you plan a trip there!

There are several beaches/towns in Phuket, and we picked Patong as our destination as it’s one of the more popular choices packed with restaurants, tourists, massage parlors, hotels and it’s jut happening overall.

From Airport to Patong

You will definitely need to hail a cab if you are just on your own because it’s a 45 mins car ride without traffic. Hence it’s better to estimate about an hour’s journey as the traffic can get heavy during the day. There are about 3 cabbie companies in the airport but they are pricier.

Tip: exit the airport and turn to right where you will find a company in yellow cabs. We got quite a bargain heading to our hotel.

Accommodation – Tri Trang Beach Resort

Hotels/boutique hotels are plentiful in Patong and they are relatively affordable. Ranging from RM60-RM400/night. The choice is really yours depending on your budget.

Tri Trang Sea View From Room

Sea-view from our room.

Our choice was a hotel at Tri Trang beach as we preferred a quiet time away from the town since our main agenda is just sunbathing, massages and nothing else! It has a private beach, it’s quiet, lovely and clean. Our room has a seaview and it’s just overall fantastic! The staff are really friendly too, and it serves American buffet breakfast. Most of the occupants are westerners. You can book for cab to the airport too with the receptionist.

Transportation – Motorbike


Me pretending to ride a bike.

  • Motorbike Rental – To move around Patong, you can walk if you stay in the town center, although there are only a few main streets near the Patong beach, it’s long and you won’t be able to cover ALL the streets if you walk. Unless you are a walkaholic of course 🙂 So, we rented a motorbike for our 3 full days there. Helmets are provided.

– One day rental is about RM30 and we rented the motorbike and the hotel receptionist. It’s that easy! The motorbike is new, and you will have to pump petrol at those old-school petrol kiosks. Don’t worry about having no motorbike license…you can rent the bike as long as you know how to ride one! Car rental is available for motorbike is a much convenient way to get around in the town because you can stop whenever you like!

– The traffic is rather heavy but generally road users are courteous, most of the road users are tourists either on bikes, or cars.

Shopping – Street stalls and Jungceylon Shopping Mall

Whole of Patong transform into a huge bazaar comes evening. They have everything from crafts, shirts, to snacks.

  • Statement Ts – Depending on what you are looking for, there are rows and rows of  shops/stalls selling statement Ts and beach shorts and souvenirs. However, be prepared to bargain if you are really interested to buy. We did not get any statement Ts as most of them are too vulgar for our culture.

Jungceylon Shopping Mall

  • Jungceylon Shopping Mall – It is consists of 3 malls, packed mainly with western restaurants, fastfood outlets, or expensive Thai food. Definitely not a place to dine in if you are looking for cheap food. The McDonalds is about RM19 per meal…so you do the math. Everything is basically more expensive than whatever we can get in Malaysia.
  • Souvenirs – For souvenirs shopping, you can find many stalls in Junceylon, they are actually cheaper compared to the roadside stalls. And there’s a big stall for snacks at the food court area too with reasonable price.

Big C Extra

  • Big C Super Market – Groceries are quite cheap in Big C, especially beers and liquors! I couldn’t help it but hauled 3 tubes of Darlie because it was so cheap/

In the malls, there are Boots and Watsons, and a huge Robinsons with brands that we don’t get here.

Food – Street Food, Restaurants & Hard Rock Cafe

Naturally, our priority is Thai food since we are in Thailand!  Generally food is alright but we finally found a shop that sells yummy Tomyam on our 3rd day. We passed by the shop at night and it was fully packed with Qs! We knew we definitely had to try this out. Off we went during off-peak lunch hour and managed to get a seat.

Number 6

    • No 6 Restaurant – I am not sure if there is a No 5 next to it but this shop is a very popular restaurant serving dishes from soup, salad to main course. The popular dishes are: steamed fish, tomyam, and pork, prawns & squids. The tomyam is packed full with ingredients (either chicken or prawns), and the TomYam Kung is priced at  RM15/bowl, definitely not cheap from the Thai standard that I knew.

No 6

Tip: Better visit at off lunch or dinner hours to avoid Q.

  • Seafood restaurants – Patong is also packed with seafood restaurants, but they sure aren’t cheap. Flower crabs are quite popular but I usually avoid them to prevent food poisoning and allergy.
  • Kebabs – Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a Halal shop in Patong, there are some kebab stalls by the roadside but be prepared to fork out at least RM10 for a chicken kebab.

BBQ Pork Ribs

Pork ribs

  • BBQ Pork Ribs – Hidden a new and quiet mall – Patong Promenade in a small alley, we discovered a stall that sells cheap and awesome barbequed pork ribs! We paid only RM15 for this rack of succulent and juicy and well marinated ribs.  Beers and ribs are best friends.

Hard Rock Cafe Phuket

  • Hard Rock Cafe – For the fans of Hard Rock, they have awesome live band after 6. The shop merchandises (ie shirts) are however, very pricey. It’s about RM20 pricier than the Hard Rock in Hong Kong. I bought a shirt and it’s at RM149.90. Ouch! We had our dinner and the burger served was humongous. We had a really blast there joining the fun!


Our highlight of the trip has got to be massages! We went for massage 3 days in a row and all the cracking and kneading were awesome to release the tension in our muscles.

  • In-House Massage – In our hotel, the massage parlor is by the beach (with bed) and it was only RM30/hour for traditional Thai massage. It was cheap, and the masseur was really good!  Nothing beats the breeze and sounds of waves during a bone-breaking session.

Lets Relax

  • Let’s Relax Spa – Apart from that, we also went for a massage parlor in town, it’s a 5-star shop and probably the biggest reputable parlor in town – Let’s Relax Spa. They are really professional, the service and environment  are top-notch.Of course, credit cards are accepted, and their rates are actually quite cheap too.

Tip: You will definitely need to make a booking before you go. It’s very popular and even fully booked on a Monday!


  • Patong beach – It’s the main beach hence it is rather polluted and congested. It’s a LOOOONG stretch with hotels and shops.However, I believe this is the beach for sunset because it’s facing west.

Tri Trang Beach

  • Tri Trang beach – Since it is a private beach, it is unpolluted and clean. It’s free to visitors from outside, but the hotel provides towels to the occupants. The restaurant by the beach has happy hour from 4-6pm everyday with buy 1 free 1 for all drinks. Great for relaxing!

Paradise beach

  • Paradise beach – Secluded and private, you will need to pay RM10 as entrance fee. It’s not a small beach but the water is very clean.  There were a couple of snorkelers and divers too.

Both Tri Trang and Paradise beach are coral beach.

Places to Visit

There are a few tourists spots for show in Phuket, such as:

Phuket Fantasea

  • Phuket Fantasea

If I were to put in it simple words, Phuket Fantasea is just like a Disneyland in Phuket, except that it has no theme park. But there are two white tigers in it! It’s highlight would be the cultural show with performance from elephants are other animals. Usually, they offer the entrance tickets as package, for RM220/pax we had – hotel transfer, buffet dinner, and gold seats at the show. We purchased the ticket from the airport and we had a good bargain.


– For the buffet dinner, the selection is alright, but perhaps I am just too spoilt. It’s a pity that they actually split the diners by their race. This is such a shame as we felt like we are treated like scums being arranged to seat with other yellow skins. We felt really insulted and also shameful at the same time as we witnessed the barbaric behaviors of our kind. This is just one of the touristy things to do, and it’s okay to skip. We have no photos of the show as all the phones/cameras will have to be deposited upon entering the theater.

  • Siam Niramit – I believe this is similar to Phuket Fantasea.
  • Phuket Premium Outlet – Yes, they have a premium outlet! It’s the same built as our own Johor Premium Outlet, hence I believe they are owned by the same group. It’s about 20 mins away from airport and it’s too far from Patong to be visited, especially if you have nothing particular to look for.

That’s about our activities through out our stay for the full 3 days and I hope you enjoy reading this too 😀


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Nikki October 19, 2012 at 9:58 am

Wow sister! thanks for sharing, you made me want to visit Phuket someday!!! I want you to tour me arounD!
Nikki recently posted..AMW Reviews: MAC Mineralized Charged Water CleanserMy Profile


xin October 19, 2012 at 2:43 pm

do i get a tour guide fee? 😀
xin recently posted..Sun, Sea, Food & Massages: Come Tour Phuket with Me! My Profile


Lily October 19, 2012 at 10:38 am

I think the last time I went to Phuket was when I was 10? So many awesome places to visit, so little time…
Lily recently posted..Estee Lauder Pure Color Quick-Thick EyeLiner Punker Black should be made permanent!My Profile


xin October 19, 2012 at 2:45 pm

it’s a nice place for a relaxing holiday!
xin recently posted..Sun, Sea, Food & Massages: Come Tour Phuket with Me! My Profile


Tine October 20, 2012 at 5:59 pm

Phwoar…that picture you took off one of the beaches….STUNNING! 😀


xin October 22, 2012 at 2:03 pm

i love the beaches there!
xin recently posted..Konjac Sponge – Is it worth the hype?My Profile


sesame October 21, 2012 at 5:19 pm

Miss Phuket…you guys went on motorbike? Wow, the traffic is quite something isn’t it? We rented a jeep instead cos it was safer. But you’re right, no need for license…haha. I was driving around even though I didn’t have a license then. :p
sesame recently posted..Free worldwide express delivery from ShopbopMy Profile


xin October 22, 2012 at 2:03 pm

yes we went on a motorbike! oh the adventure! thank goodness we came back in one piece 😀
xin recently posted..Konjac Sponge – Is it worth the hype?My Profile


Vivi November 1, 2012 at 8:00 pm

Wow, I haven’t been to Phuket before. Not really a ‘beach babe’ here. I love the feel of the sun but I hate what it does to my skin afterwards, haha. I feel like slapping myself saying this.

Have you had experience driving a motorbike before going to Phuket? 😮

Jelly of the massage! Haven’t had one in years. 😐 Might be going to Bangkok next month but I’m not sure whether it’s a good place for a massage; shopping’s my main agenda, haha.


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