Body Scrub

Through out my whole life of trying different brands of body scrub, I have of course come across several good ones. They were good for me until I discovered the better ones! Honestly I have never been to a professional spa before, but now I know I can create one at home myself! Introducing – […]


Shimizu Body Slimming Salt

by xin on March 5, 2008

I think it is just hard to slim down, regardless of the amount of gels and cream sometimes. Although we know that it is just gimmick, but we are still willing to pay for a certain price in exchange for a hope to lose weight. And, this is the same goes for ShiMiZu body slimming […]


Watsons Orange Exfoliating Body Wash

by xin on September 26, 2007

Recently, Watsons has come up with this new range of body care, somehow, they remind of Body shop products. I bought this to try, out of curiosity. This body wash smells really fruity, but, the exfoliant is saddening. I guess it is because it is cheap. It does not actually exfoliate because the particles are […]


Cocoa Butter Body Scrub

by xin on May 13, 2007

If you exfoliate your face, you should also exfoliate your body. If you do neither of these, better start fast! There are really many many brands of body scrub out there, I have tried many of them and today I am going to introduce this Cocoa Butter Body Scrub from The Body Shop to you. […]