Hair Removal

A few years ago, I acquired a Philips epilator and it has since become my only tool for hair removal. It has served me well for many years, until one day I am finally bored of it. I used to think that waxing was really painful, until I tried it out myself! I got myself […]


Seen this before? The moment I laid my eyes on it, i knew i had to get it! It looks so funky! (I am outdated when it comes to shaver) I like the green on the packaging! At the back of the packaging, it has a brief intro on how this works.


Veet (In Shower Hair Removal Cream)

by xin on April 26, 2008

Before I had my first Philips Epilator 6408, I was using all sorts of hair removal methods, of course inclusive of many Veet products. Well, I didn’t buy this, my sister did 😛 So, I test-drove her new stuff. It is said on the instructions that you apply this before shower on completely dry skin, […]


My First Time with Philips Epilator 6408

by xin on December 5, 2007

Very very long ago, I have used an epilator once, and indeed it was quite an interesting poky experience. I have been using shaver all my life and this time, I decided I shall upgrade to an epilator, which is, ta dah! Pihlips Epilator 6408. It came with a small brush, a sensitive cap for […]


Schick Shaving Foam

by xin on September 25, 2007

I love shaving, especially my legs. I just can’t bear to see hair growth on my legs. In fact, I find shaving to be the fastest method for hair removal. Although it grows back quite fast, but, compared to wax or cream, I still prefer shaving. I never shave without mousse or lotion, the blade […]

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Got Hair?

by xin on September 23, 2007

Hair indeed is very annoying, especially hair at the wrong place. Like arms, legs, above-lip, face, and of course, armpit. Armpit hair is a really big turn off for me. Let’s say, you see this pretty lady, nice skin, hair, make up and all. And once she lifts her arm, omg, BUSH of hair. Uh..isn’t […]