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Over the years, I have used countless body lotions, however, I realized that I tend to favor the fragrance ones, especially the rose or lavender scent. Even with DIY with lotion base, my choice of essential oil is either rose geranium or lavender essential oils. Recently, I started using Kielh’s body lotion and  I was […]


When I picked up the Soap & Glory Bubble Bath, I got the lotion and scrub together to go with it too 😀 I love the black and white picture on the label, so nostalgic! I love lotions that come with pumps, makes the application easier and inviting especially when I am in a hurry!


Having to tried quite many brands of lotion, if I were to recommend a particular favorite of mine, truth is, I can’ recall any! I dare say, there is no brand of lotions that I have made repeated purchase for more than 2x. Simply because every now and then there is always a new lotion […]

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Skin MD Natural  Shielding Lotion has been the rescuer for my mom’s hands. I gave her my bottle of the Skin MD Shielding Lotion and she really loved it to bits! Despite of amount of housework she has to do, her hands are actually smoother than mine!!! Can you believe it? Introducing the new formulation […]


Happy new year ladies! 😀 I guess all of you had a fruitful 2008. Now, let me kick start with my Palmer’s Shea Butter Formula with Vitamin E’s review. 😀 I have heard and read some good reviews about Palmer’s lotion quite often, so I decided that maybe I should try out, despite the fact […]


Boycott: Guardian Whitening Body Lotion

by xin on October 14, 2008

If you see this on shelf, don’t ever pick it up! Regardless of its range, all are bad! As you can see, it is so watery it is not moisturizing at all! Yeah i know this looks like something xxx but this is the lotion texture. 200ml for RM6.90 is cheap, but I just want […]