A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to receive the new Fall collection of Dior for review – It’s a beautiful eyeshadow palette & lipgloss with panther print, and a set of crocodile effect crackle polish. It’s a really solid and heavy smooth silver casing, it comes with a velvet pouch which you should […]


I have been a user of Garner Aqua Essence eye roller almost since they brought the product in Malaysia. And I am kinda addicted to it. Not that it has awesome results, but I love using it. The fun of rolling the cool ball around my eye, and it is hand-free! No risk of tugging […]


Hello everyone! Meet my new love – Urban Decay Book of Shadow Volume III: NYC! Thanks to a sweetheart who picked up this for me during her trip in UK, and it is heavy! Opening and pulling out the palette tier… ahhh! I love the lights! Even better if it has music 😀 So grand, […]


After reading numerous posts about Max Factor, and with its arrival in Malaysia, it was a sign for me to find out what the hype is all about! During the Max Factor roadshow in Mid Valley, a friend of mine picked up Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara in Black, there was  a buy […]


Since our last episode was about hair care, now, comes one of the most important areas – skin care. As we all know, skin care takes a long time to maintain or to improve current skin condition. It is recommended that you start taking care of your skin intensively at least from 3-6 months time. […]


Ever since I discovered Red Earth Perfect Line and Stila Gel Liner, I never looked at any other brands again.  I wanted to restock my Red Earth but all the Sasa outlets were out of stock! So after some attempts, I finally gave in and bought another brand to give it a try. I was […]