Simple Guide to Sticking Falsies

by xin on July 24, 2009

Good day girls! TGIF 😀 😀 Today, I have uploaded my first youtube video on sticking falsies. There is no audio though. 😀 I have just compiled the images to video file. 🙂 It is just a simple tutorial, hope you all enjoy it 🙂 P/S: Please do not pay attention to the rest of […]


Yes ladies, I am so addicted to falsies and I can’t stop raving about Inuovi’s one. I bought quite a whole load,  HEHEHE i have 8 new boxes now omg! Ok back to the topic, one day when I was roaming in Daiso, the falsies caught my eye! I bought 3 pairs of them @ […]


My 40% Inuovi haul and Pro Lash 05

by xin on April 29, 2009

Ok girls, I am really addicted to falsies! Why haven’t I known them earlier???? You see, when i am addicted to something, i am really passionate. And, my passion burns out usually after a while. Hehehe but I think i cannot say the same for falsies. Inuovi is having 40% off storewide till 1st May, […]


Look Ma, I have lashes! And my mani-pedi

by xin on April 21, 2009

I am excited to show you girls that, I finally wore the Inuovi lashes for the 2nd time! Yeay! I kinda forgot how to do it and had to refer to Nikki’s post, heheh thank goodness for the tutorial. LOOK!!!! From the side, I have lashes omg! Look! I have lashes! Weeee. but ooops. i […]