Long post ahead. Having read so many praises about Dr Bronner’s, I finally managed to get my hands on some of the bar soaps and a bottle of liquid soap. You can’t get it locally in Malaysia, you can either buy it from overseas website, or the nearest place to get is from Singapore. Their […]


The first time I heard of traveler’s notebook was from my friends Lyn and Plue. And I didn’t quite get it why, why would people want to bring their journal everywhere? And journaling every single detail of their life? I was quite curious about why people are going crazy over some notebooks in rubber bands. […]


As some of you might know, DIY is my kind of thing recently and I have always wanted a basic leather clutch, as a good basic clutch is versatile, long lasting, and almost never goes out of style. With the need to have my own clutch without having to pay for the exorbitant price, I […]

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It’s a rather different Sunday activities – no thanks to the pouring rain, I had to stay in instead of out cycling. I took out my polishes, while debating on what to paint, I saw my canvas art block lying there – waiting to be deflowered. Canvas painting it is. Having no experience at all […]


Since I am feeling rather inspired lately, especially after I have made the change in life. I am currently working on some new designs, which will be launched on Cute Little Craft soon 😉


Bitten by DIY Bugs: My Special Projects

by xin on November 22, 2011

Ever since I started trying out different nail arts, I sort of developed a passion for DIY. I hated crafts, or..anything that requires me to get dirty. I was a 100% of ready-made stuff. Mainly influenced by my parents. LOL. But, as I started to read more and more too, the interest of mixing my […]