A while ago, Kiehl’s has launched a new range of products, which is the Ultra Facial Oil-Free range. I like the color of the products, the blue is really a prominent color to represent ‘hydration’ to me, and it’s easy to relate it to water and ocean. I was provided a set of these to […]


A while ago, I was bothered by some really dry skin issue on the weekdays but normal skin during the weekends. I I was lucky to be given 2 sets of Esmeria Organics skin care to alternate between weekdays and weekends. Now that I have my combination skin back, I hardly use the Glasswort range […]


Aubrey Organics is a skincare brand that has been around for quite a while, but popularity of using organic products has only begun in the recent years. I was given a set of Aubrey Organics- Blue Green Algae with Grape Seed Extract for Combination Oily Skin to try out. They have quite a wide range […]


A while back, I was suffering from really dehydrated skin and dehydrated bank account as well trying to salvage my skin. When I first tried my first tube of Esmeria Glasswort Moisturizing Cream for Dry and Mature skin, it still was not sufficient for my skin, and I had to top up with hydrating serum […]


Ever since I was struck by dry skin, I have almost completely revamped my skincare products hoping to restore my skin to the ‘oily’ state. Yessss now I wouldn’t mind to have oily skin at all! The first step I did was to replace my moisturizer and also my cream cleanser.  After having done some […]

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If you are readers of My Women Stuff and Skin Deco, I am sure by now you are familiar with Evolle Miracle Facial Bar already. Did miracles really happen to me? Read on to find out! Evolle Facial Bar comes in a very simple paper-box packaging. At the back of the box, you can see […]