Lip Care

As a Mentholatum’s lip care user for years (think LipIce that tints your lips), it is great to know that finally they decided to jump on the organic bandwagon! If you noticed, the packaging is different from the usual packaging with the lipbalm housed in a plastic cover. It’s 100% natural with about 97% of […]


Metholatum is an old favorite of most people. In fact, the lip ice was my first ever purchased lip products! Besides the old love, my new love is their Think Pink Lip Moisturizer now 😀 Now, they have new lip balm with Super Hyaluronic Acid. It comes in 2 flavors: Peppermint and Fragrance Free, both […]

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Swab Plus has been something that I have been seeing at quite a few places including the prints. So, what’s big deal about it? Because everything it is in Q-tip? In fact, Skinfood has eye makeup remover in Q-tips too! I picked  a pack of Overnight Revitalizing Swabs for Lips from Sasa. A pack of […]


For those who know me well, they also know that I can’t quite handle pain and any open wound/cut I have, I must balm or bandage it. Being clumsy, cuts are nothing uncommon to me. When I saw the Pot of Gold Skin Balm, it came together with a little card with the major functions, […]


Lip balm, is one of the items that you find it hard to say NO even when you already have 637618192 in your stash. At least for me it is the case. When I was asked to review Balm Balm Lip Balm, I was just thinking: Why not? Since I have never really found ‘the […]


Yes girls, I am raving about the Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask, once again! But this time, it is different because I use the mask now for rescuing my lips too! I was told that we could use this mask on lips and eyelids too. Bee and ParisB complimented that how my lips don’t have much […]