Good morning ladies 😀 It’s start of the week and I am sure everyone is feeling sluggish, but bright side is, it’s month end soon and it’s pay day! On Sunday night, I prefer to hit the bed earlier than usual and enjoy a mask time. If it doesn’t help me feeling better, at least […]


Aubrey Organics is a skincare brand that has been around for quite a while, but popularity of using organic products has only begun in the recent years. I was given a set of Aubrey Organics- Blue Green Algae with Grape Seed Extract for Combination Oily Skin to try out. They have quite a wide range […]


When I was asked if I was interested to take up a challenge of having a more supple and brighter face in 14 days with the use of Laneige Water Sleeping Pack + White Plus Renew range. Challenge…why not? 😉 My combination for 14 days: Laneige White Plus Renew Essence + Water Sleeping Pack_EX. Click […]


When we talk about clothing/accessories, they of course can be stylish and fashionable…but what about sheet mask fashion? I kid you not! It came in a cute suit case thingy, honestly there is nothing much you can do with the case after using the mask. When it opens up, it contains 4 types of mask, […]


Having to try ice cream mask already, I was excited to try out other flavors of masks in My Beauty Diary Blooming of Beauty series. The second mask that I have tried was: Peruvian Sunflower Mask. Such cute packaging isn’t it? Overall, this sunflower mask’s major feature is to help lock moisture on our skin […]


The title was exactly my first thought when I saw it. A while ago, I have shown you my box of the new My Beauty Diary Mask – Blooming of Beauty series. The first that caught my attention had to be this Coldstone Damask Rose. Ice-cream flavored mask, can any masks get better than that? […]