Sun Screen

Every Girl Needs a Sunscreen…or More!

by xin on April 30, 2012

Under the crazy hot sun of Malaysia, have you been wearing enough sun screen? Ever since I discovered the crazy brown spots underneath my skin, I have been really, really paranoid! I was even told that I never wore sun screen in my life! Good Lord! How’s it even possible? Other than making sure I […]


Sunscreen spray anyone? Years ago, I have tried sunscreen spray from Nivea, I thought it was quite cool. The really big pro of sunscreen spray for me is – the ease of reapplication when I am out and hands might be dirty. And for harder to reach spot (eg back), you can always get someone […]


Sunscreen is one of the most important items in skincare, and also one of the my hardest-to-buy products as I don’t always bump into one that works really well for me without breaking me out. Over the years, I have had countless cleansers and moisturizers, but fewer sunscreens. When I received a bottle of Hada […]


Hello beauties! I am excited to announce that I will be out there embracing the sun (weather won’t be too cold I hope) in just another 2 weeks time. YEAY! And and, sun screen that I am bringing with me? Definitely will be the upgraded version of Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen Protection SPF40 […]


Spring/Summer is always the exciting time for new collection and movies! And did you notice all the new whitening products on shelves now? Introducing – the Laneige White Renew Plus whitening care range. We had a little fun test on how effective the White Renew Plus products are by using apples as we all know […]


Clarins has recently launched a new range of skincare – code named the White Plus HP with Sea Lily Enriched. Now that I am almost done with the trial set I got, time for review! 😀 Pearl-To-Cream Brightening Cleanser, 125ml at RM110. (Picture above is a traveling size of 30ml) Just squeeze a little on […]