Years ago, one of the few perfumes that I have owned was Hugo Boss Women, it’s a transparent bottle…and that’s about it. Nothing fancy nothing edgy but I absolutely adored the scent! Come to think about it, it’s definitely too matured for my age then. Recently, Hugo Boss launched a fragrance – Hugo Boss Nuit […]

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Undress Me! Strong-willed and determined, Jeanne Couture has no intention of lowering her eyes. Shot in black and white, the muse is clothed only in her perfume bottle, whose bow she starts to untie. A makeup-free complexion of virginal purity that goes with an intensely seductive look and a deliberately colorful perfume. Top Notes: Raspberry, […]


In July, Dior Addict To Life (launched last year) with its sleek purple bottle will be known as Dior Eau Sensuelle, while Dior Addict 2 in the girl pink bottle will be known as Dior Addict Eau Fraiche. In the Dior Addict fragrance family, Dior Addict Eau Parfum with his signature dark blue bottle and […]


When I first received the Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose, I wasn’t quite sure what scent to expect. I had a miniature of the first generation of Tresor and I remember it to be quite heavy and matured. I am not a fan of matured or masculine perfumes. Upon unboxing the perfume, I was rather surprised […]

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Have you ever stepped into Kenzo boutique in Starhill before? Well it was my first time too! It was quite an eye-opener for me to witness the ‘high fashion’. You will understand me when you read till the bottom. Kenzo – Spring Summer Collection 2011. The suede-looking bag retails at about RM4k+, it comes in […]

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Ever since I am jinxed by the smoky toilet in the office, I developed the habit of carrying my perfume around so that I can spritz it whenever necessary to cover the smoke stain on me. And, carrying a bottle around is not easy at all! Until one day…I found a gem in local Sasa! […]