Childbirth & Hypnobirthing

by xin on October 10, 2016

Ok, so, this post has been WIP for 3 months now. And, childcare is much more complicated than I have thought really. Before I jump anything into childcare, I would like to share my experience on childbirth with hypnobirthing. Child birth has always been my fear, and why? Because *almost* everyone has a scary/painful/traumatizing story […]


Being quite a mosquito magnet for my entire life, I have tried quite many types of insect repellent. My favorite used to be the Kaps insect repellent, and then I have tried Mosi-Guard. Unfortunately, over the years, I have noticed a trend of mosquito repellent became useless. I am sure there must have been some […]


Having read countless articles on the goodness of lemons, I am an occasional fan – when I am not lazy. A while ago, I came across a recipe of making lemon honey concentrate, which I thought was quite a good idea to eliminate the hassle of juicing lemon daily. Ingredients: 2-3 fresh lemons, jar of […]


Omega-3 anyone? I am sure all of us have at least heard of the word ‘Omega 3’. There have been many studies about the benefits, and also¬† how the people at the north pole suffer from less heart attack due to the diet consisting of fish in large quantity. I have never thought of trying […]


Your say: Do you dare to gua-sha?

by xin on October 7, 2011

Being a Chinese I am, I have tried gua-sha treatment a few times, done my by aunt who is a beautician with real knowledge of this treatment. Traditionally, it is meant to ‘scrap away’ any heat or knots in your body. And also to improve blood circulation. The first tool that I knw was used […]


*Wordy post, only recommended to those who are interested. Pre-LASIK Since I was in secondary school, I have been ‘blessed’ with one eye short-sightedness (right eye). In fact, I have been depending on the right eye for all my activities even without myself realizing it. I was diagnosed for short-sightedness only through an eye-test. Most […]