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Happy ‘Ren Ri’ & Shaun the Sheep Nail Art

by xin on February 25, 2015

So fast we are half way into Chinese New Year, and by tradition, today’s everyone’s birthday ?? (7th day) – and directly translated to ‘human day’ from the chinese words, it’s believed that humans are created by the Goddess Nu Wa on this day. The best way to celebrate is of course, by having a yee-sang. […]


NOTD: Happy Easter!

by xin on April 18, 2014

It’s Easter time! What’s a more appropriate nail art theme other than Easter right? I don’t celebrate Good Friday but its fun to see all the Easter egg chocolates on the shelves!

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NOTD: Bones and Paws

by xin on April 9, 2014

For all you dog lovers out there, today’s nail art was inspired by this little mischievous dog. Her name is muffin but she’s acting like a mafia especially when she barks. She thinks of food all the time, nothing else, but food. I have done similar bow wow nail art 2 years back, and I […]

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NOTD: Minions from Despicable Me!

by xin on July 22, 2013

With the craze of Despicable Me 2, even if you are not a fan of the movie, it’s hard to not notice this character. They are cute, and relatively easy to paint. To begin this nail art, you will need: Bright yellow polish, acrylic colors, fine art brush, top & base coat. Firstly, paint the […]


The Amazing Spiderman Nail Art Tutorial

by xin on July 18, 2012

I watched The Amazing Spiderman last week in 2D, nothing really impressive about the story line, in fact I think I have had enough of spiderman stories already. However, watching it in 2D is cool! It’s basically a High Definition movie, much clearer without the snowy effect that the normal movies give. You should try […]


When I first saw Acapulco, which is one of four Dior Vernis from the Summer Mix collection, I felt like there was a calling. Could it be the awesome yellow that I have been looking for? The quest for an awesome yellow has always been a challenge, I want something that is  really bright, easy […]