Beautiful & Smooth Play Date from Ciaté

by xin on September 17, 2013

When I was in the Sephora in Paris, I was so overwhelmed by the products in the store and I was just…lost in heaven. As much as I was spoilt by all the choices there, I just couldn’t find anything to buy. But, I knew I just had to. After a brief tour in the […]


Paddle-pop anyone to cool the heat? Ice creams like these are so nostalgic, they were my childhood friends before I knew brands like Haagen Daaz, Baskin Robins etc. And I will show you how to replicate them on your nails. All you need is color shades, and of course a base and top coat 😉 […]


In the Chanel’s Harmonie de Printemps Collection, they have launched 3 polishes, namely April, May & June. June was the first shade that caught my eye because I realized that I almost did not have any light or close to nude colors in my collection. It’s a cute milky orange/apricot, it resembles the crayon in […]


Happy Monday all! 😉 Hope you have enjoyed the rather short weekend nonetheless. When OPI launched the Holland Collection, I knew A Roll in The Hague is the one that I must have. It’s bright, it’s loud. What’s there not to like about it? It’s a very bold color that gets instant notice, and it […]


After reading countless reviews of a-england polishes on different blogs, I was really smitten by the variety of colors and how vibrant they are. However, it didn’t occur to me to place an immediate order although I really wanted them. =_= Mixed emotions I call it. Fast forward to a weekend dinner, I was gifted […]


Ever since I got my hands on Zoya Lolly, I have been brewing thoughts of mattifying every single color out there. Matte polish chips easily hence you definitely need a matte top coat to the rescue. I have featured earlier ago – Shu Uemura festive nail color. It’s a creamy deep wine red with just […]