Hello lovelies! How did your weekend pass? Isn’t it a dread that Monday always comes so fast? To cheer myself up, I had some fun with the new Anna Sui Beach Collection for Summer – the Glittering Pedicure Kit! It is a Limited Edition, that comes in a cute tin case. I love the mermaid […]


NOTD: Blue Stripey Toes

by xin on November 20, 2009

I love painting toe nails! They are easy to paint, and they always looks perfect from a far 😀 The colors I used. The Face Shop base and top coat, L.A colors, and a brandless glitter polish. Paint it with the base color first. And Let dry.


TOTD: Simple Red Toes with Shooting Stars

by xin on October 21, 2009

TOTD: Toes of The Day. ^_^ I love red toes! Great with ANY outfit and ANY shoes. Perfect from a far! And it is really simple to do. ANYONE CAN DO IT!


Good morning ladies! It’s wednesday already!!!! Haven’t got the time to sit and paint my nails 🙁 Today, I am going to show a very fast and easy express french manicure. All you need is: One light pink nail polish, this is Orly in Lassez Faire. Paint 2 layers of the base and then use […]


Look Ma, I have lashes! And my mani-pedi

by xin on April 21, 2009

I am excited to show you girls that, I finally wore the Inuovi lashes for the 2nd time! Yeay! I kinda forgot how to do it and had to refer to Nikki’s post, heheh thank goodness for the tutorial. LOOK!!!! From the side, I have lashes omg! Look! I have lashes! Weeee. but ooops. i […]


Hello ladies! I hope all of you have collected plenty of angpows 😀 or…have given angpows to all the younger relatives 😛 As much as i would like to paint some festive-nails, unfortunately i have been busy helping my mom to prepare dishes/last minute cleaning, i had no time to paint my nails at all. […]