Sponge Techniques

Yeay! It is Wednesday already and I certainly can’t wait for weekends to come. Looking out of my window (not referring to Windows XP/Vista), I see a blissful blue sky with clouds. Can I paint my nails that way? Yes I can! And it is simple! First, prepare: nail base and top coat, blue nail […]


Sponge Nail Art: The Last Summer

by xin on July 26, 2010

Since now I am at the passion of sponge nail arts, I have created a couple of REALLY easy and attention-catching nail art. Sponge technique is very easy to learn and you can use your imagination to create any abstract designs. All the famous paintings are really abstract anyway. Now, here is my creation of: […]


NOTD with sponge: Glittery Monday Blues

by xin on July 12, 2010

Aloha! Another weekend has passed, and I have definitely enjoyed my weekend by tidying up my room. A very pleasant-looking result I would say. At least now I don’t walk or kick into things anymore. I managed to paint my nail next week after some break of breathing time with my nails. Today, I am […]