Hello from Brussels!

by xin on July 7, 2013

After leaving the city of surprise (Paris), we took a train to Brussels. It’s only about an hour of ride away and it’s such a drastic difference from Paris. It’s so quiet in the mid noon at this part of town, I almost thought: so this is Brussels…. We were so hungry at 3pm so […]

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Hello from Paris!

by xin on July 6, 2013

Paris is such an amazing city, it’s romantic, it’s swanky, and it’s filthy. Eiffel tower at night it’s damn pretty! It’s definitely one of the most romantic places on earth 🙂 And I conquered the Arc de Triomphe in my slippers! Tones of juicy fruits in beautiful colors. Luxurious tea time snack 🙂


Holiday Notes: Regaining Positive Chi

by xin on October 9, 2012

Hello lovelies, I spent past 2 days relaxing and lazing in beach, and enjoying massages. While listening to the waves, I had a realization – things go smoother when you stay positive! This is probably nothing new to many of you, but it’s certainly something that i have been trying to practice. And it actually […]