Human Nature Products for Kids…The Safer Option that You Can Have

by xin on November 21, 2017

Over the years, I have learnt to read labels – on food, and also on the household products I used. Since then, I have made a few lifestyle modifications to try to reduce the daily toxic that we use, such as changing to natural body care products, and including my homemade Dr Bronner’s detergent.

However, ever since having a kid, I became even more conscious of my choice baby products. Although we can’t be all organic, but the least I can do is not to give a damaging start to his first few years of life. One of the few baby daily items that I pay attention to, include baby bottle wash & detergent.

Recently, I was given a couple of Human Nature products to try out and I have to say I quite like them.

Human Nature Baby Bottle & Utensil Cleanser

One of the most frequently used item in our house hold is baby bottle wash. Just over a year, we have gone through at least 3 bottles of bottle wash.

My requirement for bottle wash would be – as natural as possible, and fragrance-free. Although I love flavors but I certainly wouldn’t like my baby to taste it in his milk bottles.

Human Nature Baby Bottle & Utensil cleanser comes in a clean packaging and you can easily see how much content is left in the bottle.

It foams up well and just a little dollop is enough to wash a few bottles. It is effective in removing milk residue, as well as other food residue. Most importantly, it doesn’t smell weird nor taste weird. With frequent use, I have only gone through 1/4 bottle after about a month. I forsee this bottle will actually last me for a good half a year.

Price: RM29.90/500ml

Human Nature Natural Baby Lotion


Lotion is a big thing in my book, naturally, so is baby lotion. I have been using baby oil/lotion religiously since baby was born, especially after the night bath.

Human Nature Natural Baby Lotion is light in texture, light enough to moisturize baby’s skin without being too cloying. My baby has not displayed any symptoms of allergy after using the lotion, and since the price is much more affordable compared to most of the organic brands in the market, I can use the lotion liberally to make sure all areas are covered.

Price: RM49.90/490ml

Human Nature Natural Liquid Detergent

One of the main culprits to skin problem is contributed by detergent, but yet not many realize the need to switch to a safer detergent to reduce the risk of eczema/not aggravate it further.  Most of the detergent in the market is heavily scented, including those for the babies. I really hated the artificial scent on my laundry hence I started my homemade soap. Unfortunately, the preparation was just too crazy and the cost was too high. So, I started to look for natural detergent again without the crazy unknown ingredients and scent.

I like that this Human Nature detergent is not too harsh on hands, as I did not feel the tingling sensation even if I were to handwash my laundry. That’s how I judge if a certain detergent is too harsh. It cleans well and you don’t need a lot of it. I only use half cap for a full load instead of a recommended full cap. Still my laundry come out clean and fresh. I love it!

Of course, comparing to the regular detergent, all these natural detergents cost usually more than double, but it’s good if it’s within your capability as you know you are not putting more toxic on your skin.

Price: RM44.90/950ml


If you are looking for natural products, for yourself or for your family, you might want to look around on Human Nature website. All products can be purchased online, and they have free shipping for every 3 items so shipping cost can be saved too.

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