Immortalize Your Skin with the New Immortelle Precious Serum from L’occitane

by xin on October 25, 2012

Wishing for an immortalized skin?

Your prayers maybe answered now with the new Immortelle Precious Serum from L’occitane.

Immortelle Precious Serum and Precious Cream

Immortelle is a flower with exceptional longevity: it never fades, even after being picked. As a result of our scientific research, the new Precious Serum concentrates the patented anti-ageing power of more than 1000 flowers in every jar. Its lightly textured formula acts on the 3 main important stages of collagen: production, protection and repairing.
The Precious Serum corrects wrinkles and maintain skin firmness.

Immortelle Precious Serum

Extracted from an ingredient that’s known for longevity, the main power of this serum is of course its anti-aging property. Each bottle contains more than 1000 flowers for maximum potency.

Immortelle Precious Serum

Housed in a dark blue glass bottle with dropper, it looks really classy on the dresser. It’s a good weight so it’s quite steady, and unlikely to knock it over. I, however, dropped it once from about less than a meter, thank goodness it didn’t shatter nor break! I swear my heart sank when it slipped offย  my hand!

The gel-lotion texture is lightweight, and sinks into skin pretty quickly. The scent of the serum is really floral and strong. If you have a sensitive nose, it might be a little overwhelming. However, I really love the scent and it’s really soothing especially when used at night! I like to take a healthy sniff after application because I find that it really helps to

There are a few steps that you can follow for application to enhance the result. Always start with a clean face, it’s advisable to use this after toner, for myself, if I skip the toner, it becomes very drying.

Immortelle Precious Serum on Palm

To use it:

  1. Collect one drop of serum
  2. Apply it all over face and extend it to neck by pressing it gently
  3. Use outward sliding movement starting from forehead, focus more on areas that you would like to improve
  4. Perform small pinching movements along the outline of your face to promote micro-circulation
  5. Finish with by pressing lightly on your temple to release tension

I have been using it for about 3 weeks now, and I can’t say I noticed any difference in wrinkle reduction, because I don’t have any deep wrinkles to deal with. But I do notice brighter and firmer skin. Maybe it’s a result of the special pinching movements that improve circulation.

Immortelle Precious Cream

Immortelle Precious Cream

To maximize the effect, it’s advisable to pair it with Immortelle Precious Cream. Surprisingly he texture of the cream is quite soft and light, however, it’s not as fragrant as the serum.

Immortelle Precious Cream on Hand

I can’t put my words to describe the scent, but it’s not as pleasant. It has a funny scent that reminds me of food! Weird I know but it just doesn’t smell like anything that I know or I have used.

It’s non-greasy hence it’s suitable for day use, even for combination skin. I have not seen any results with the use of this moisturizer, but maybe because I have not used this enough.

Overall Thoughts:

Between the 2 products if you were to pick one, I’d recommend the Immortelle Precious Serum. It feels and smells better, and you can pair it with your other moisturizers or face oils. And you can layer serums according to your skin needs too.ย  The only pity is, I wish the Immortelle range could be more hydrating! I know there is an Angelica range for hydration…still…it would be perfect if it has hydrating properties + anti-aging! ๐Ÿ˜€


Immortelle Precious Serum – RM237/30ml
Immortelle Precious Cream – RM226/50ml

Availability: All L’occitane boutiques

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lyn October 26, 2012 at 11:59 am

I used the Immortelle range a long time ago and thought it was so-so. The moisturiser smells a little powdery to me, and I hate to say it… kinda old lady too. But the serum does sound nice.
lyn recently posted..Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse – A Multi-Purpose Dry Oil for Face, Body and HairMy Profile


xin October 29, 2012 at 9:16 am

I don’t think the moisturizer smells powdery, I can’t describe the scent.. maybe you should sniff it again at the store ๐Ÿ˜‰
xin recently posted..Immortalize Your Skin with the New Immortelle Precious Serum from L’occitaneMy Profile


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