Skin Food Lemon Base (normal & combination skin)

by xin on March 28, 2008


As I talked about the Skin Food Bordeoux Mask Sheet earlier, this is the other thing that I bought, Skin Food Lemon Base (normal & combination skin).

I have been looking for an affordable primer for a long time, and priced at RM38, so I thought it was quite ok.

In fact, primer is actually very important, it is like painting your wall with a base layer so that your paint will be smoother and last longer.

I did some research on primer, most of the primer contains fruity ingredients, because the citrus will make your face less oily and shiny.


One thing about this primer is, the color is a little too light, which means, when you apply foundation over it, it will actually make your face even whiter. So, I guess I need a little bit darker foundation so that I won’t appear like a zombie.


One whole day of wearing make up with primer, I was happy that it did not turn out too oily like usual, so, I think it is quite well worth the money.

Next up, I will be reviewing ‘Benefit’s That Girl’ primer. Stay tuned! 😀

P/s: It does not irritate my pathetic sensitive skin 😀

EDIT: I hardly use this anymore, it makes my face like 2 tones fairer, it just somehow looks weird. damn

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shiromy June 21, 2008 at 12:47 am

jz RM38? y i bought it like around RM59 sumthing?-_-“”


prettybeautiful June 21, 2008 at 8:47 am

shiromy: so expensive? exactly same product?


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