The Whipped Cream for The Face – Speedy Perfect Whip

by xin on August 25, 2015

When I was in Japan, I picked up a couple of skincare products. I wasn’t particularly looking for anything in specific since I wasn’t in need for anything. However, I still managed to pick up the stash below which I thought wasn’t too bad.

Japan Haul

As you can see, it’s mostly cleansers and sunblocks. Just because they are so cheap there! And oh the variety!  I did not pick up any Hada Labo products as I am not a big fan, and it’s still relatively affordable here in Malaysia.

I have only used a couple of the items from my haul, and I would like to tell you how much I love this cleanser! It’s not a new product, but I thought it’s still worth sharing.

Speedy Perfect Whip

I picked up a bottle of this Perfect Whip (by Shiseido) from one of the small drug store, and it’s sold right out of the box. They did not even bother to arrange it on the shelves because it’s selling so fast. The refill pack was about 30% cheaper than the bottle, and unfortunately, it’s also harder to find the refill pack than the bottle.

Other than milk cleanser, I am also a fan of this sort of whipped cleaner because it’s not only fun to use, I love the option of pumping out with just one hand!

Speedy Perfect Whip Foam

The best part? Every pump is a perfect dollop of cream.  It’s so light and fluffy, it’s so easy to spread.

whipped cream

And this is the kind of perfect medium peak in baking, it’s not soft, but at the same time doesn’t collapse when you turn your palm upside down.

This cleanser does a decent job in cleansing, and it has no artificial fragrance, which I dislike.  It doesn’t foam up any further but one pump is sufficient for cleansing the entire face. I usually use this at night as my 2nd cleansing after my milk cleanser. (or is it 3rd since I use micellar water as my 1st removal?) A bottle of 150ml has last me for about 2 months with night use, I believe a regular tube of cleanser of 150ml should last longer, but minus the fun fact of course 🙂 I am quite relieved that I have seen this in local Watson’s, I am not sure if it’s been around for a long time but it’s definitely comforting to know that I will not run out of stock.

Have you tried this, and do you like it as much as I do?

Price: RM32.90 (with a refill pack!)

Availability: Watson’s

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