Thoughts on Biconi Solid Shampoo for Hair Rejuvenation

by xin on October 2, 2014

Battling with thinning hair has been one of the few long battles now, I will jump at every opportunity to have a chance of regrowing my hair.

I received a bar of Biconi Hair Rejuvenating solid shampoo for review, I quite like that it’s natural without all the known harmful chemicals such as sulphate & SLS.

At first glance, it reminded of the J.R Liggett’s bar shampoo that I tried years back.

Biconi Solid Shampoo

Most of the shampoo bars come in simple packaging, and the good thing about this hard box is that it gives good protection to the content, and I recycled the box for keeping some of the hair pins.

Biconi Solid Shampoo 4

The ingredients are pretty straightforward, less is better in some cases. Their key ingredients are noni ezyme (tropical plant with benefits of skin repair and inflammation) and virgin coconut oil. VCO! My current favorite!

Biconi Solid Shampoo 2

The soap comes wrapped in a paper, and that’s it. Simple packaging at its best.

Biconi Solid Shampoo 3

It’s quite a huge bar of shampoo that should last you around 2 months even with daily use. And the soap doesn’t disintegrate very quickly like the regular soap bars.

Price: RM49/30g; RM149/100g

Biconi Hair Repair Conditioner

The conditioner is the same as the shampoo without the chemicals, but it comes with extra ingredient such as cocoa butter. The beauty about this conditioner is, it doesn’t feel slippery/sticky like the regular conditioner does. You know how sometimes your bathroom floor gets slippery after your shower? It doesn’t happen with this conditioner.

Biconi Hair Repair Conditioner 2

Price: RM59/150ml

I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for about 6 weeks.

Initially, I was rotating this bar soap with another shampoo, then I find out that whenever I use other brands of shampoo/chemical on my head, the detox process has to be restarted. Hence I wasn’t able maximize the benefits of this.

Biconi Hair

One thing to note is, my hair got really greasy and heavy after sticking to this bar soap after about a week, and it was quite unpleasant looking.

It’s a complicated feeling that while my scalp felt really clean, but my hair looked like they were in clumps.  And I have to admit that it made me look rather awkward when I went to work with freshly shampooed hair but looking like I hadn’t washed for 2 days.  Honestly, it was the biggest turn-off for me.

I read through their website to find out that it’s actually a normal process. As quoted from their website:

My scalp feels oilier after using the Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo. Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal if you have an oily scalp. Hair loss can be caused by oil or sebum blocking your hair follicles. Our Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo works by removing blockages from your hair follicles, which will help to encourage hair growth. The oiliness you feel may be an effect of the Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo clearing oil blockages from your hair follicles. If you continue to use the Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo, you should typically see an improvement in four weeks. If in doubt, please consult your doctor.

My thoughts:

Honestly, I have not noticed any drastic hair growth, maybe because I had not been committed to use the bar shampoo as my ONLY shampoo throughout my first month of usage.  As all natural treatment products, it will take you months to notice any result, especially when our hair has a growth cycle.


Doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, it’s friendly to most age groups. Scalp feels really clean with regular use. 30g bar soaps are available for frequent traveler, or if you just want to give it a try. Good for folks with thinning crown who prefer less chemicals in their shampoo.


Rather pricey, and personally, it’s hard to stick to using bar soaps as I am too used to the liquid shampoo. The process of hair detox with an oily scalp is hard to bear.

Will I repurchase this bar shampoo? Maybe when I can finally stick my mind to using bar soap, and endure the greasy hair challenge! I wish they will have some sort of hair growth serum soon to complement the shampoo and conditioner though, it will at least be my daily use for sure!


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Dain October 3, 2014 at 9:34 am

I thought using soap for shampoo is not good? Hehe. I have a serious hair fall problem. I dont see this product would work on me either. The oily scalp will make my problem even worse. But i read somewhere that oily skin (i assume it applies on the hair too) is actually because the skin is over-drying. So the epidermis below, works a littke harder to produce that moist the skin requires. But im no scientist, so i cant verify that. 😉
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xin October 3, 2014 at 10:48 pm

well u certainly aren’t advised to use regular soap bar as shampoo. But you will be surprised, most are the soap shampoos are contain a lot less chemicals compared to those commercial shampoos. You are right about the theory, but also, if let’s say if our hair follicles are clogged with oils, hair will be unable to sprout too 😉 I guess having a healthy scalp is the most important for any chance of hair growth!
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saharina January 2, 2015 at 10:18 am

hi, how to order the shampoo and conditioner as i have tried to search this product in some of the shop in KL but couldn’t find. Thank you.


Wendee Lee March 31, 2015 at 11:01 am

Hi Saharina, you can purchase our products from our website , we offer free courier shipping for orders above RM100 otherwise it’s RM10 per order. Alternatively you can also drop by our Shah Alam HICOM office during business hours to purchase. Please give us a call on 03-5192-1952 if you have any questions. Thanks!


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