Argan Oil with Geranium Cuticle Oil Review + A Little Money Saving Tip

by xin on March 15, 2013

Few days ago I posted the review of Argan oil, so today we will look at another argan oil product, which is a argan oil with geranium cuticle oil.

Argan Oil with Geranium Cuticle Oil – RM51/10ml
Melvita Argan Cuticle Oil

Comes with a roller, it was really difficult to get the product out initially. I had to roll it SO many times, and attempted to crack the top to find out if there’s anything wrong with it because it just refused to dispense any oil even with my best effort. When I finally got it out, thankfully it dispenses the right amount without soaking my cuticles with oil.

Melvita Argan Cuticle Oil Roller

And I must say that I LOVE the smell of this! With the added geranium, it smells more floral and citrus, and it just helps to lift the mood.

I like to smell my nails after application, especially at work. I keep it in my bag to be used in office as I find myself using more of it when I am working.

Actually, you can use any oil as your cuticle oil but having something slim and portable is an added advantage.

Money saving tip:

If you are keen to try both products on a budget, I suggest you to get the bottle of argan oil, and refill an empty and clean lip gloss (the one with a wand) with the oil. However, I warn you first, it can be really a pain to clean the lip gloss tube. You will need to pour makeup remover into the tube and let it sit for hours or overnight, then use Q-tip to clean out the remaining. It’s really a lot of pain in the process.

Alternatively, if you happen to have a small empty tube with roller, then just refill it and then you will be able to bring it around as your cuticle oil 😉

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Nikki March 19, 2013 at 7:50 pm

Sister, seems like you’re in an “oil craze” lately, is your skin getting crazy dry?
How have you been? 😀


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