Over the last few months, there has been a rising alert of crimes in shopping mall car park. And at an alarming rate! It scared the hell out of me to think that how dangerous it is to be in our country. We can’t even hang out freely! Sure, there has been some effort to […]


A while ago, my mom mentioned to me that about a brand of skincare that her friends are using, and have been using for 2 years. They really have glowing skin in their 40’s & 50’s …and of course having seen the transformation, my mom was tempted! So…to debunk the myth, she got a mini […]


With all these prophecies and predictions, movies and what not, so the ‘big day’ is finally here. A couple of sources suggested that 21st December will be the day of transformation/earth collision, apocalypse, catastrophes and etc. Well…I personally don’t believe that the world will end but it’s definitely worth some thoughts. It got me thinking…what […]


So…I just bought the most expensive makeup item that I have ever purchased… Yes! It is the famous Face Color Rose Ladurée ! Thanks to friends who lovingly hand carried back from Japan! <3


Your Say: Working from Home…Yeay or Nay?

by xin on November 29, 2012

Apologies to my sporadic updates, it’s mainly due to the lack of inspiration. If I have nothing good to say…might as well not say a thing? 😉 A little humor for the day: *Image taken from Google. So, due to some emergency, we were requested to work from home to quarantine ourselves for a day […]


I don’t know if it’s just me…but I notice that most Asians like to leave the last piece of meat/leaf on the plate, out of courtesy? I have no idea. So. one day when I was clearing my dresser, I found quite a couple of bottles of unfinished skincare. And yes, to my horror, I […]