A while ago, I stumbled something very cute on a website, I decidedĀ  to buy it because…it is too cuteĀ  and who knows I might be needing it one day right? Hello mini digital scale! It can weigh up to 1kg, with a rather large surface, with 0.01g precision, you can use it in the […]


ReFa Pro has arrived the shore of Malayia from Japan. It is basically a beauty gadget in a 2 roller V-shaped product that emits a slight electrical micro-current to: Sharpen face shape Reduce wrinkles Slims & tones body..etc


Hello everyone! Happy Monday and say hello to my latest addition to the gadget family – Clarisonic Mia. Having heard so much good things about it – clearer skin, lightened acne scars, etc. So I finally bit the bullet and bought it from kissandmakeupny using a free shipping code. I succumbed because I always have […]