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Rejoice for those who live far from Klang Valley! Melvita is available online now! Free shipping is available now for any purchase, and there’s some cute GWP too! A couple of weeks ago, I received the new Nectar de Roses SPF 15 BB cream for review, and after using it for a while, I am […]


When I first read  about the Guerlain Holiday Collection this year, I wasn’t too keen on getting the meteorites as I am not liking the funky packaging, and the balls that seem a little too pinkish. However, after reading ParisB post, I knew I had to check the Terracotta out. We don’t always get bronzer […]


Can’t believe it has been more than 2 weeks since I last blogged! Almost the longest time of absence on the blog. The blogging business is like exercising, once you stop, you lose the momentum and it’s hard to resume. Thankfully, I recently discovered a tip that I think it’s worth sharing! My current morning […]


BB cream has been in market for a long tiem and recently there is already CC cream and even DD (Dynamic Do-all) cream launched by Julep! It’s really mind boggling if you ask me, do we even need that many types of creams? Do they really make a difference if it’s a BB, CC, DD […]


What’s better than to kick start 2013 post with a beautiful product, right? A while ago, I shared that this is the most expensive makeup item that I have ever purchased, and it looks like it’s going to be the chart topper for long. Before I deflowered it (literally),of course I got to take some […]


Opps! I am late in posting this up since it’s a Fall 2012 collection, but I thought i’d still show you nonetheless since it’s still available at the counters   Imagine a new lipstick that behaves like a highlighting blush, thanks to radiant new shades and a new treatment balm formula. Described as a highlighting […]

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