Over the weekend, I hopped to KL Convention Center just for Hakuhodo to pick up one brush…and of course, I picked up more than what I intended. And it got me thinking, I am actually on a brush frenzy lately. Here are all the additional brushes to my collection in just 2 months! My first […]


Not long ago, I picked up 2 of the Samantha Chapman Real Techniques brushes from because I needed more brushes, having read about quite some good reviews on them, and really really affordable price tag, there was no reason not to try out. The first brush that I picked was this powder brush, it’s […]


Hello 2011! Have you given your cosmetic brushes/puffs/sponges a good year-end bath? I know many have raved about this cheap and excellent brush detergent, but let me show you how magical it is for those who have never tried. Over the years, I have tried many kinds of cleansers including J&J shampoo but nothing worked […]


For a friend’s birthday, I picked up a set of Lumiere 8pc Travel Brush Set from This is not exactly a review, but I thought it is quite a value-for-money brush set so I thought I should just share. Unbuttoning the nylon pouch, you can see a flap protecting your brushes. The brushes include: […]


The Body Shop Make Up Brush

by xin on December 20, 2007

Inspired by Tine, I finally bought my first set of make-up brush in my life. Indeed, the brush is so soft, and I really love them like my baby. This whole set was RM189, but since I had a 20% off, so, you do the maths. I would say that it is really worth it. […]


Facial Washing Sponge

by xin on August 6, 2007

I think, using a sponge is much better than using our hands alone. This is usuallyy retail at RM6.50, but I bought this for only RM1.50 during the beauty expo! There are several types of sponges such as the pink and blue color one, but this is the best as this color does not fade. […]