BB Cream

Since I have been using Skin79 Super+ BB Triple Function (VIP Gold) for 3 months, I guess it is fair enough for me to review it now. Long story short, let’s see the pictures now. I hope my LARGE pores will not scare you 🙁 Before: Large pores, reddish skin, and misc pimple marks 🙁 […]


Skin79 Super+ BB Triple Function (VIP Gold)

by xin on September 4, 2008

Guess what ladies…..ta dah! After finishing my sample size of Skin79 Lovely Girls BB, I decided to get this Skin79 Super+ BB Triple Function (VIP Gold)  that might suit me better! Why triple functions? Well, it has: 1. whitening 2. UV protecting SPF25++ PA 3. wrinkle improvement


I am sure most of you ladies have heard about the big hype over the BB cream, or Blemish Balm. Skin79 is one of the most famous brands which carry this product. I just bought a sample size of this product to test it out and I can’t wait to show! Before: Visible open pores, […]