No doubt, most people know and like this perfume. And I am still loving it! This is the 2nd bottle that I have just repurchased. I rarely repurchase products or return to the same restaurant unless I love them. And yes I love Kenzo Flower a lot! Unchanged for over 10 years, the bottle still […]


Launched in 2008, Wrapped with Love was created after With Love by Hilary Duff. I don’t know about you, but I find Hilary Duff to be a real sweetheart, something like the kind of girl I’d date.  🙂 and I quite like the movie Material Girls too! The main attraction about this perfume? It looks […]


Oh on a perfume frenzy I certainly am! If you have watched/read Alice in the Wonderland, doesn’t this remind you of the story? Cutely housed in a red glass apple, it is a very charming deco on the dressing table even if it is empty already. But I think  DKNY Be Delicious deserves this housing […]


Estee Lauder has been one of the most renowned brands in manufacturing fragrances, and Pleasures is one of the few with offsprings now. They have: Pleasures, Pleasures Exotic, Pleasures Intense, Pleasures Delight and now Pleasures Bloom. It certainly says a lot about the popularity right? Gifted by a dear friend, I was pleasured! How did […]


Years ago when I first got my hands on my mom’s perfume – Hugo Woman, I immediately loved it even though I was only 12. I simply loved smelling good all the time! She had a miniature of it and naturally it became mine 😀 Growing up, I have always wanted to have a perfume […]


Happy Valentine’s to All!

by xin on February 14, 2011

Can you guess what fragrance is this? I would like to wish all of you Happy Valentine’s and enjoy the day! It does not matter whether you celebrate, but we can make it a day to pamper ourselves. I don’t celebrate it because of the crowd and all the commercial gimmicks. Or if you do, […]