Wellsen Art CT6 Serum for Split Ends

by xin on October 24, 2007

Split ends are not a girl’s best friend, they are ugly and annoying, it makes your hair looks like the roots of a tree, especially so if you have dry and long hair. Well, with so many hair care products in the market, surely we should not skimp on that? Moreover, a bottle of anti-split […]


L’oreal Lumi-Oil

by xin on September 24, 2007

L’oreal has a wide range of hair care products which prices vary as well. If you have long hair then you should know the split ends are really irritating. Most of us will use any kind of conditioner to prevent dry hair or split ends. Good news is, if your hair is always fluffy and […]


Lucdol-L Night Esthetic Hair Wax Part II

by xin on August 15, 2007

As a continuos from the Part I, here is the result. 😀 I tried it immediately after shampooing my hair. This is to be used after you towel-dry your wet hair, apply it evenly all over your hair. Then blow dry it completely with a hair dryer. One thing quite disapppointing is the fact that […]


Lucdol-L Night Esthetic Hair Wax Part I

by xin on August 13, 2007

Although I had some not so good experience with Lucidol-L Glossy Hair Wax last time, but, I still can’t help but check out their products from time to time, simply because of their professional looking packaging and the pretty models on the sticker. Few days ago, when I went to the Guardian to do my […]

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I have been seeing this product in the market since long ago. And of course, the ads in the mag and TV. My sister has always been a big fan of Sunsilk, I wonder why. So, I decided to buy a bottle to test and see. There are several types of this leave-in conditioner. Such […]


After a really really long search on the Internet, I have finally found this product on the net on! It is named as Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Moisture Mask. An intensive treatment for very dry, naturally curly or permed hair. With rehydrating aloe vera extract for a balancing hydrating effect and deep regeneration of the […]