Never seen this brand before? Me too. But, I got this for free from the hair saloon my last visit there straightening my hair. Leaving it aside for about 6 months, I finally used this as my shampoo is running low, the reason that I had kept this for so long is due to the […]

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Ever since I straightened+colored my hair, my hair becomes dryer than before, despite of the conditioner, serum I use. Yes I think this is quite inevitable, but at least I am trying to restore the moisture. So, one day when I passed by the Hard Rock in Lowyat, this is not the Hard Rock cafe, […]


Alberto Balsam Herbal Shampoo

by xin on January 20, 2008

You have probably seen this in Guardian. I am so sick of my current scentless saloon shampoo, so I decided to give this herbal shampoo with a hint of orange a try, it is RM10.90 only anyway. The first use was okay, especially the scent, very taste. However, after few usage i regretted buying. It […]

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Novel Care Revitalizing Shampoo

by xin on September 14, 2007

I guess for the ladies with long hair, it is common that we drop quite a large quantity of hair each day. But, has it ever crossed your mind that, will I go bald one day? I did not think so much abou it, until one day…when I went to the Low Yat Plaza shampoo/hair […]

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Follow Up On Wellsen Series

by xin on August 24, 2007

As I have mentioned about this series before, I think I really like this Wellsen series. 1. Usually, my hair feels oily and itchy if I leave my hair unwashed for >24 hours, due to my oily scalp. But, after using this shampoo, I notice that my scalp does not itch anymore. And, my hair […]


What is the trend with 2 in 1?

by xin on July 26, 2007

I wonder why are some of the products so into the 2-in-1 style, like my leave-in-conditioner, and this Wellsen ART CD2 Conditioner For Permed Hair. Turning the shampoo around, it reads: With balanced pH to work especially well for permed hair in maintaining the elasticity of perms, avoids yellowing and increase bounce on curls while […]