The Body Shop – Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask

by xin on July 2, 2008

bodyshop seaweed ionic clay mask

I am a the body shop fan, and I have quite a large range of their products, I prefer their body products to make up though. And recently I bought this new product on shelf – Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask.

Seaweed range is good for combination skin, as told by their staff. Since i was having break out and shit, so I bought this. The main function of this mask is to remove excessive oil and deep cleanse your skin.

clay mask

As you can see, clay mask doesn’t look appetizing at all. It looks just like…clay. And it doesn’t smell fruity nor fantastic. I have used this twice so far, and I find that it really deep cleanse your skin it seems, leaving your skin feeling very fresh and clean. For my skin it was the equivalent, as if I had got a bonus, it was a real treat.  One thing though, my skin feels dry after I wash off the mask, so be sure that you slather moisturizer.

Initially, this Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask will give you a sensation of heat, and then it will cool your skin down. Well, I recommend not to leave this on for longer than 10 mins, it will dry up after some minutes, then you can wash if off, make sure that you wash it clean though.

Normal price is RM69 for this. And guess what, the next day I bought this, I saw the special coupon in July issue of Cleo, offering only RM49. Well, can you imagine my heart pain?


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beetrice July 2, 2008 at 10:22 am

Sometimes it’s good to just ask the sales staff before buying if there’s a promotion going on – most of the time if they’re well-informed they’ll tell you. I imagine most of them wouldn’t want to lose out on repeat business just for the one time commission. 🙂

Oh, and in reply to your question – yes, the Skin Boost is absolutely fantastic…it’s a miracle worker!


Roze January 28, 2010 at 2:04 pm

Hey, I was thinking of buying this, but I bought the seaweed pore perfector instead. How’s the results?


Naimatul Rais February 11, 2010 at 4:26 pm

I too using the seaweed range. So far I am very satisfy with it. It controls the oil production. But sometimes I have breakouts. I used the tea tree oil for the breakouts.
Roze–the seaweed pore perfector is marvelous. I have no whiteheads!


jesseH May 19, 2010 at 6:48 am

The general rule if you are acne prone is to use the tea tree. Once your acne clears up a bit, start doing a combo of seaweed and teatree.

Example, right now at night I use: Tea tree cleanser, tea tree toner, a prescription retinoid, seaweed night treatment. In the morning: seaweed gentle cleanser, tea tree toner, sea weed mattifying lotion SPF 15.

Weekly at night I use the seaweed pore perfector, and alternating weeks I use the tea tree mask and the seaweed ionic clay mask.

I think the end goal is to only spot treat with tea tree, once you no longer break out often (hope that happens soon!!)


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