Monday has always been a universal dreadful day, but I am going to show you something very pretty today: Anna Sui Autumn II Polishes. Awww…aren’t they pretty? From left to right > 802, 904,203,305. Before actually using the colors, I was already impressed with the packaging, and the colors peaking out from the bottle. All […]


Good morning ladies! It’s wednesday already!!!! Haven’t got the time to sit and paint my nails 🙁 Today, I am going to show a very fast and easy express french manicure. All you need is: One light pink nail polish, this is Orly in Lassez Faire. Paint 2 layers of the base and then use […]


Look Ma, I have lashes! And my mani-pedi

by xin on April 21, 2009

I am excited to show you girls that, I finally wore the Inuovi lashes for the 2nd time! Yeay! I kinda forgot how to do it and had to refer to Nikki’s post, heheh thank goodness for the tutorial. LOOK!!!! From the side, I have lashes omg! Look! I have lashes! Weeee. but ooops. i […]


Tsuya Tsuya Nail File and Nail Buffer

by xin on January 22, 2008

I am not a nail-fan or enthusiast. I find painting nails a troublesome and messy task. And i think i have no sense of art or in painting at all. Therefore, 99.9% of the time, my nails remain colorless and unpolished. The only time I would paint my nail is probably the time when I […]