Childbirth & Hypnobirthing

by xin on October 10, 2016

Ok, so, this post has been WIP for 3 months now. And, childcare is much more complicated than I have thought really.

Before I jump anything into childcare, I would like to share my experience on childbirth with hypnobirthing. Child birth has always been my fear, and why? Because *almost* everyone has a scary/painful/traumatizing story to tell, honestly I have not heard of any positive story up till now.

When I joined a seminar one day, I had the chance to get to know about Hypnobirthing, and it was quite an eye opening talk I must say. Easy and gentle birth? Without the need of episiotomy? And without the needle  into my spine? YES PLEASE!!!!


So, fast forward, I signed myself up to attend a hypnobirthing course. It’s a duration of 5 courses on 5 weekends consecutively. It’s not just about theory/music, you will need to practice it at home too. And contrary to the name, it’s really nothing about hypnotizing. No, you don’t get hypnotized during birth.

To put in simply, it’s a birth education program focusing on breathing techniques, visualization, and to release your fear towards birthing, in order to achieve a gentle birth. It’s a simple concept, like how our ancestors have done it before there were any medical aid. The logic behind it is, childbirth should be natural (whenever possible) and private. You see, when animals in labor (cats or dogs), they go into hiding. They can’t labor under stress, and when we are watching them. And if you think about it, shouldn’t it be the same for us human beings too? Imagine when 10 pair of eyes are staring at you when you have to do your business 🙂

I had an induced labor that took me about 24 hour for it to dilate fully. A few of friends asked me:” How did you manage the contraction pain?” And you know what? With the correct breathing techniques, you can just ‘ride’ on the waves of contraction to manage it! And ‘breathe down’ the baby. I requested my doctor to let me have a natural birth if no other complications and without episiotomy, and most importantly, without the ‘cheerleaders’  by my side. I just had to have some quiet time to focus and relax. Since I have already attended the course, I have to make my money worth!

The beauty of having done it without epidural is, not only you don’t suffer from the injection, you are able to breathe according to the surge (term for contraction in hypnobirthing so it sounds more subtle). There was no one telling me to ‘PUSHHH PUSHHH’ as I was aware of the surges and when I should breathe down. And I finally made it after 45 minutes. While it’s not the hardest, it’s also not entirely pain free.

If you are keen on natural birth, I strongly suggest you to attend this course, it will really open up your mind and remove your fear. Few tips to get the doctor to agree if you wish to have a gentle birth (provided that you have no other conditions):

  1. Pick a doctor who supports natural birth, some doctors are more keen on c-section. Pick another doctor if yours is not. You are the customer, not the ‘patient’, and you have the right to choose. Pregnancy is not an illness.
  2. Drug-free unless you feel otherwise (without any pain killers, ie epidural, laughing gas)
  3. Without episiotomy (Cutting is 3rd degree tear while natural tear is only 1st degree)
  4. Do not break the membrane (waterbag), breaking the membrane is one of the induction methods but I told my doctor to keep it intact, should my labor prolong, at least my baby would not be in distress. My membrane broke right before labor.
  5.  Ask for skin-to-skin bonding for at least 5 minutes after labor before they take the baby for injections/measurement.

I am glad I finally wrote this down before it’s lost from my memory. It’s surely a life experience that I will never forget.

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