Cleanser that is gentle enough for everyone: Laura Mercier One-Step Cleanser

by xin on January 28, 2011

Ever since I was struck by dry skin, I have almost completely revamped my skincare products hoping to restore my skin to the ‘oily’ state. Yessss now I wouldn’t mind to have oily skin at all!

Laura Mercier One-Step Cleanser

The first step I did was to replace my moisturizer and also my cream cleanser.  After having done some research on the blogs and also the trusty Strawberrynet, I will usually see what’s on discounts and then only research on the product. We should stretch every single cent right? 😉

Laura Mercier skin care is one of the brands that I hardly read or know anyone using. Pricey it may be, but if there is a %, why not?

Laura Mercier One-Step Cleanser2

From the website:

  • Effective & time efficient skin care
  • Combines cleanser, toner & eye makeup remover in one
  • Friendly to skin for its gentleness & pH balance
  • Glides over skin without dragging or pulling feel
  • Leaves skin clean, clarified & soft
  • Dermatologist tested

Laura Mercier One-Step Cleanser 3

To use: Pump sufficient amount to your palm. I use about 2 pumps in the morning and 3 pumps at night.

In the picture, this is 3-pumps. Thing to note though, the content is thick orangey milky substance and at first look I thought my product was spoilt! But after sniffing and testing I realized that it is the original state.

Laura Mercier One-Step Cleanser 4

Then add some water to emulsify and massage for about a minute or two till whole face is cleansed thouroughly.

The texture is smooth and milky so there is definitely no tugging on the skin.

As a cleanser, yes, it cleanses really well without the harsh feeling on skin. But I can’t vouch for makeup removing point. It is okay for daily morning use, but if you have makeup to be removed at the end of the day, you will need double-cleansing. I noticed traces of foundation on my cotton pad when I just used this cleanser to remove my foundation.

Plus point is, it is so gentle that it doesn’t even sting the eye. The bad point is probably the price. On StrawberryNet it retails at USD$37.50/200ml and it is RM159 over the counter in Malaysia.

If you are interested to try, it is better than you check on the site on and off and snag it if there is a promo! I got it and 50% which was about USD$17.50, total bargain! I will definitely keep watching this and snag another one again! 😉

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milktea January 31, 2011 at 12:39 pm

Is this product comparable to Cetaphil in plain skin cleansing?

It looks like it would be better than Cetaphil at removing makeup.

Me too! 🙁 The oily skin to dry skin part. Age is the culprit. I’ve even stopped using cleansing oil. It’s actually quite drying after washing off.


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