Enfamil Gentlease – Gentle enough for a colic baby

by xin on October 17, 2016

Having a newborn is tough, breast feeding is tougher, and having lack of sleep is the mother of all toughness.

During my baby’s first month of life, he was crying a lot inconsolably, and all of us were under a lot of stress not knowing what to do with a crying baby. And the first thing associated was – insufficient milk intake. True enough, milk production was slow and little during the first week.

As he also had gassy stomach, showing colic symptoms, he often cried with face and body scrunched, and there was nothing we could do to help/ease.  We were at our wits’ end with sleepless nights and a cranky baby. That was when we started to look into milk powder  hoping to find one that doesn’t irritate his gut.




Being in confinement also means, we had to do all our research / shopping online. With over 120 enfamil products, it’s not hard to pick one that suits your baby needs especially it’s a wide range for different age.

We were glad that we made the change to using Gentlease, because his colic symptoms seemed to have improved after a week. However, if you are thinking that your child is allergic to milk of any kind, you might want to know the difference between lactose intolerance & protein intolerance. Understanding the differences can help you to observe the effects, and to decide which is the better for your baby, and also if your baby has to stay away from cow’s milk completely.

More often than not, colic is just temporary and it will pass. Don’t be discouraged by the temporary cranky baby, when you find your solution, you will be able to enjoy your baby again! 🙂

This post is a partnership with Nakturnal.

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