Fighting Cellulite is NOT a Mission Impossible

by xin on August 3, 2011

Over the years, I have had my fair share of fighting fats and weight, the least concern of mine was the cellulite on thigh. And little did I realize that it was spreading like wild fire!


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Just when one day, when I turned and looked into the mirror: OMG was my first reaction!


Yes yes I really had a jaw dropping second! The first thing that came to my mind was: I gotta grab some anti cellulite thing!

It is really annoying when you see orange skin peeking out from the shorts from behind. It is definitely not a fantastic view (for others), cause you can’t see your own back.

Shills Miracle Lift Body Contour Control

The first bottle of anti-cellulite cream that I bought was Shills Miracle Lift Body Contour Control, it is available in Sasa too for about RM100. It was not cheap.


It contains red micro-beads that will melt into your skin as you massage. It smells great and leaves a cooling sensation. It dries up pretty fast and absolutely no mess.

One bottle down the road, I saw no results.

But I persisted.


Shills Firming Essence

I bought another bottle of Shills Firming Essence for RM60+.

It is said to be best for abdomen, but I used it on my arms, thighs, and tummy.

At the end of second bottle, I DID notice some results, orange skin appeared smoother.

*wish I had captured the memorable progress.

Although some orange skin was smoother than before, I did not stop using (buying) more products to combat them.


Clarins High Definition Body Lift

I picked up a twin pack of Clarins High Definition Body Lift from the airport when I was in New Zealand, it was about RM140 per bottle and I think it is RM180 here locally.

From the texture of Clarins, I found it to be VERY similar to Shills Body Contour Control,it contains microbeads, both products smell great and leave a minty sensation onto your skin. Even if you don’t wash your hands after applying, you are not irked by it. In this Clarins HD Body Lift, it contains Blue botton flower that helps to release of localized excess fatty deposits, which is the same ingredient used in the Facial Shaping Lift.

Clarins also introduces its own massaging method, which is shown in the product booklet to increase the efficacy of products. However, I do not follow the suggested massage as I am usually too lazy and just want the products to get on to my skin!

I am 3/4 done with the bottle and I am alternating a few products.


Madara Anti Cellulite Cream

I got this from when they were having the crazy RM10 sale. The expiry date is November 2011 and I am sure I will finish this before it expires.

The texture of this cream is eerrr..creamy and quite thick. Feels like body lotion without the scent. Compared to Clarins and Shills, this takes a while to be spread and absorbed fully. It does not leave any cooling nor warming sensation.


Madara Firming Oil

Same as the above, I scored this bottle of firming oil for just RM10.  Compared to all of the above, the oil is evidently easier to spread and you do not need a lot of the product.  This oil does not leave your skin oily when it is fully absorbed. However, it takes the typical ‘oily’ smell, which I would much prefer if it was fragrant.


Overall Conclusion & Thoughts

I started using this together with anti-cellulite cream as I alternate these 3 products everyday.  I make it a habit to use it daily (religiously) at night after my bath, and sometimes in the mornings if I have the extra 5 minutes to spare.

After a few months of consistent use, I am proud to say that the was-visible cellulite is now much smoother and the skin on my thigh feels firm. It is indeed a joy when you don’t find so much of wrinkly cellulite when you look into the mirror. However, I have not noticed slimmer arms nor flatter tummy.

You see, alternating products also means that I am unable to tell you WHICH exactly works. I believe it is the combination of perseverance and product efficacy.

My advice is…if you can’t afford the expensive products and you are doubtful, you can start with the cheaper ones, but you must persist to see the results. There is no miracle. Do not be deceived by the posters of the products and hoping to become them as we all know they are fake. (unless you are have a supermodel figure already, and in this case, you do not need any anti cellulite cream)

I am not saying that products don’t work, I am just pointing out the fact that it takes time and patience.

You may not see any results at all even with 2 bottles of anything of the slimming products. Do not give up just yet. 🙂 Of course, I am sure you can see better results if you pair it with exercise.

Note: All of the above is based on my own personal experience, and it may work better or not at all on different individuals. And no major change of diet and exercise is involved.

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nicole August 3, 2011 at 1:57 pm

I was gonna get you soap and glory product call SIT TIGHT which I think its awesome but my luggage was so badly overweight that I didn’t buy it. #SadButTrue


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