Ginvera Marvel Gel with Green Tea

by xin on April 25, 2007

Marvel Gel
Marvel Gel

Ginvera marvel gel has been around in the market for a long long time, and about a year ago, they came up with this new marvel gel, with green tea, to replace the old-school marvel gel.

And of course, I have been a marvel gel user since the old packing day. And now I have switched to this new version. I do not use scrub for exfoliating. Other than daily cleansing with cleansing milk, I only depend on this marvel gel for weekly exfoliating. The purpose of marvel gel is the same as facial scrub, removing dead skin and blackheads. Since the regular facial scrub is quite rough for my face, so I think this gel is more suitable for my skin.

Marvel Gel
Marvel Gel

As you can see from the picture, squeeze out an appropriate amount, and rub on your face. As you rub gently, the gel will work its way out to bring out the dead skin. ( as shown in 2nd pic )

Many would think that, “oh, cosmetics and skincare are only for the ladies”. “Oh, I am a guy, I don’t need it!” In fact, this is totally wrong. In fact, I am very impressed with guys who care and make effort for their faces, pimples, holes, and oily face are really a major turn off! I exfoliate for my boyfriend and my father as well, and a nice soothing mask for them. Now, everyone should care equally about their faces, after all, this will be the first impression you give others.

After scrubbing off your dead skin, cleanse with water, and put on mask. This marvel gel always works for me, my skin will be instanly lit up after removing my dead skin. There is also marvel gel for men. This is priced not more than RM25 for a 30ml pack. Available at most pharmacies and stores.

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Tine May 8, 2007 at 10:37 pm

Hmmm … this is definitely something to try, since my scrub’s running out. Thanks for the review (was just going through your archives. Love the way you review your stuff, btw. Very honest, just the way I’d do it too ;)).


prettybeautiful May 9, 2007 at 12:26 am

Tine: Thanks for the comment. Keep coming back for more updates 😉 I just checked out your blog as well 😀


elaine August 15, 2010 at 8:09 pm

heyy. do you use the cleanser to clean your face first before you exfoliate or you use marvel gel first then cleanser? please. i really need to know coz i don’t know..


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