L’oreal Elselve Color Vive Care Shampoo & VO5 Fade Defy Conditioner

by xin on April 27, 2007

L’oreal Elseve Color Vive Shampoo

Vo5 Fade Defy Conditioner

Many of us should realise that, hair style or hair cut, is just as important as our face. It’s useless if you only care about your face but not your hair.

Hair is actually the first thing that people will notice when they look at us. A fine hair cut or a suitable hairstyle will make you stand out at first sight. No one likes to look at a girl with fluffy and corse hair, this is the reality. Therefore, we should invest in shampoo that suits our hair type.

Over the years, I have tried endless brands of shampoo from the saloons or on the shelves shampoo. Recenltly, I have been using color lock shampoo and head & shoulder occasionally to prevent dandruff. But since H&S doesn’t have shampoo for colored hair, I have to use with another product. It’s the first time I use this product and I think it’s not too bad for the price at RM14.90 for a 250ml shampoo as it claims to ‘revive your color’. Frankly, I do not know how true is the color reviving effect, probably I should come out with some test to try out with shampoo for colored hair and for normal hair.

L’oreal Elselve has a conditioner to match this Color Vive Care shampoo as well, but I am not really a fan of using matching products from the same brand. Although they always say it’s always best to use a combo series, but I think otherwise. I am actually allergic to some shampoo, eg Sunsilk. My scalp gets very itchy after I use the shampoo. For the conditioner, I picked Vo5 Fade Defy, Vo5 has always been known for their hair products. This conditioner is about RM12.90 for a 200ml. I never buy things in bulk or big bottle, I worship varieties.

I have been using this combo for about 2 months since I colored my hair. Of course, the color still stays on my hair. But, I have yet to know whether color lock shampoos do help or not. But one thing for sure is, my hair does not look or feel dry even after I dyed my hair.

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