Schick Shaving Foam

by xin on September 25, 2007


I love shaving, especially my legs. I just can’t bear to see hair growth on my legs. In fact, I find shaving to be the fastest method for hair removal. Although it grows back quite fast, but, compared to wax or cream, I still prefer shaving.

I never shave without mousse or lotion, the blade will cut into my skin and hence nicks and cuts. Interesting, why is women’s shaving cream more expensive than me? Because of its supposedly ‘added’ ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E? With so many years of experiences in shaving, I really can’t feel any difference between men and women’s shaving cream, other than the women’s one is more expensive.

All shaving creams work the same to me. My legs did not feel extra smooth after using the one with Aloe Vera, Chamommile, and Vitamin E. It is like RM10 more expensive than the regular shaving foam. Not worth it.

I have been using the Schick for year now, and I think it’s really fun and affordable, priced at less than RM10, it will last you a long time! 😀

What’s your flavour?

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entwined September 26, 2007 at 7:30 pm

i don’t shave. very scared la, cos once you shave, the hair will be rougher. 🙁 i’m currently using veet rasera gel foam. very good! doesnt irritate my sensitive skin and legs remain hair free for up till 1 week plus. and regrowth is very much finer! 😀 do try it if you ever intend to switch from shaving to other methods! 🙂


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