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by xin on August 12, 2011 has been launched for quite a while now and I am sure it is not unfamiliar to some of you. It is a website selling mostly bags and fashion pieces from a variety of brands.

You will need to register yourself as a member to reach the homepage.

The unique idea about this site is, they have different new brands for deals everyday and usually end in 3 or 4 days. It is like auctioning, but without the bidding. And for most of the items, there is only 1 for sale.

So, if you see something that you like you gotta grab it fast!

The section for fashion includes: bags, watches, scarves, belts and etc.

They do have some ‘vintage’ sale every now and then, it means pre-owned items.  But of course, you will be ensured that the item is still in good condition and has been restored for you.

It is good for those who may be looking for discontinued designers’ items, who knows you might find what you want? 😉

Fullscreen capture 8102011 11210 PM

And and look at this vintage classic Chanel flap!

Such a beautiful shade.

Fullscreen capture 8102011 11636 PM

For the vintage pieces, there is a grading system for you to check the condition of the bag.



Part of my ‘savings of 50 cent coins’ – It is far from getting a Chanel but good enough for a Coach leather handbag 😉

Installment is available. However, I do not support the idea of paying for installment a bag or any sorts of luxury (except for cars & house), as I believe you should not be in debt of something that is a want rather than a need 🙂

But of course, this is just the way I live. It is really personal on how you manage your finances. It is okay to save up for it, but not be in debt for it.

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