The Color Workshop French Manicure

by xin on June 27, 2007

The Color Workshop French Manicure

Although I love getting free painting on my nails like what I did in Watsons last time, I do spend money on buying nail color you see.

This is a set of home kit french manicure from Guardian, it’s retailing at about RM8 or cheaper. I have bought it long ago and only used it once, and I only used the pink and top coat. I am too lazy to paint the layer by layer and wait for them to dry. But, it’s very ugly to paint your nail white then cover with top coat.

Will you nails feel suffocated after you paint them? I don’t know why, my finger nails always feel suffocated when I paint them, it’s like they can’t breathe under the colors. To combat that problem, I tried the Sally Hanson oxygen coating before, it did help but it took a long time to dry as base coat. So, in the end, I hardly color my finger nails unless I can’t resist free stuff.

I think this is pretty reasonble if you want to try out a DIY french manicure. By the way, the color will be quite lasting after you apply the top coat.

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