The Life Guard in a Can – Burt’s Bee Herbal Spray

by xin on September 2, 2015

Being quite a mosquito magnet for my entire life, I have tried quite many types of insect repellent. My favorite used to be the Kaps insect repellent, and then I have tried Mosi-Guard. Unfortunately, over the years, I have noticed a trend of mosquito repellent became useless. I am sure there must have been some mutation going on with the mosquitoes, since none of those that had worked for me in the past is working now.

Burts Bee Herbal Spray
With dengue fever trend going on for quite a bit, I have shielded myself for all things mosquito whenever possible. Having to get dengue once is enough for me to remember for life. I had hemorrhage dengue, but Internet wasn’t so big back then, I couldn’t google the danger of dengue, so I took it rather lightly. Glad that I survived! I definitely would not like to get it again, hence I need some mega protection.  I have electric mosquito repellent underneath my work desk & in my room, and I usually have a repellent in my bag with me. My colleague introduce Burt’s Bee Herbal Spray to me lately, and I am quite in love with it. Interestingly, it is labelled as Herbal Insect Repellent in the USA, probably due to some local rules & regulations.

Burts Bee Herbal Spray Ingredients
As Burt’s Bee is known for being natural and safe, I like how uncomplicated their ingredients are. I suppose it is safe for small children, or you can just spray it on their clothes or bed, instead of their skin.  It smells mostly citronella, and lemongrass. It’s a very natural that does not irritate.In fact, I love the smell!!! It does not smell like the traditional insect repellent that made me dizzy at times.

Burts Bee Herbal Spray How to Use

I usually just spray on my skin or clothes, it’s slightly oily as oils are their main ingredients. However, I haven’t encountered any staining or discoloration. Mostly because I am not a fan of light colored clothing. So far it has been serving me well by keeping the bugs away, but if you are out and about for a longer period, it’s better to have it with you for reapplication, just like sunscreen.

I am not sure if it’s a packaging fault, mine had a leakage the first day I brought it home. It doesn’t really screw tight well.  Imagine my less than pleasant surprise to find that bag started dispensing the smell of citronella! (Ouch on my bag and ouch for the wasted product!) Lesson learnt – always keep the product in upright position in bag. 

Price: RM64 (USD$8)/115ml

Availability: Burt’s Bees stores

Overall, I am liking this product, and I will certainly be replenishing when I run out of the 115ml. The setback is probably the price tag, as you can see, it’s much cheaper in the US, and ouch, why do we just have to pay more for everything here?! 🙁

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