The Smell Buster – L’Occitane Hair Mist

by xin on February 24, 2016

Hands up if you are one who hates the oily stench on your hair!

Being one with moderate length of hair, I have a good (er hem) habit of constantly checking and sniffing my hair to make sure that my hair doesn’t smell, especially after lunch, or visit to any restaurant, or even a trip to the bank.

I really enjoy washing my hair, but washing twice a day is my regular, unfortunately, I can’t be washing my hair every hour just to get rid of those smoke/oil smell on my hair.


L'occitane Brume Mist

I have tried many ‘hair refreshing spray’ but none of them worked as well as this L’occitane hair mist. I got it long ago from the boutique, however, it seems to have been discontinued. The only place to get it now is from Strawberrynet which is quite saddening.

Why do good products get continued? This post has been sitting in my draft for forever but I decided to post it anyway.

L'occitane Brume Mist 2

It’s not sticky, I can’t say that it adds any shine, but it does help to refresh my hair and get rid of the odors, and my hair smells great of essential oil! If you are used to using their shampoo in the same range, this is exactly the same fragrance as the shampoo/conditioner.

I don’t use this daily but I do use it for emergency ie when I am not in the mood for hair wash before bed.

If you see it, you should buy it. This is one of those things that saves life 😀

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