Visiting Chiropractor….and Lymph Node Massage Experience!

by xin on December 3, 2013

Over the weekend, I popped my 2nd visit to a chiropractor nearby, not that I have spine ailment, but for detoxing and relieving my tensed muscle.

Foot Steam

I’m typing this as I’m enjoying foot steam bath at the same time. Steam bath here is just placing your legs into this wooden bucket while seating on chair, and there is a little steamer by your side to produce the steam.

Instead of the usual spa as how I would usually prefer, this is my second time visiting this place for lymph node massage.

Penchala Link Chiropractor

This is a little quaint place located in Penchala, in the Malay village nearby Bukit Lanjan.

Unlike the normal spa, this is run by a Chiropractor, and he specializes in spine related treatment/slipped disc.

As I was told, this place is specialized in spine related ailment therapy. Along with it there’s also cupping and lymph node massage.

Dr Lim Penchala Link Chiropractor

This ‘spa’ is pretty simple, and it’s basically just a wooden hut.

If this is your first time, it might look really intimidating as almost an open concept. It’s quiet, and surrounded by nature.


There’s no sophisticated equipment, nor fancy setting. There’s only fan, and nature here. And mosquitoes will be your best friend through out the half an hour of foot steam.

Lymph node massage is different from thai massage or any other massage the sort. It focuses on relieving your muscle tension and lymph node detox. Hand strokes are used to untie your muscle knots.

I will not kid you, the first time I went, I almost died in pain. And the pain lasted for the next 3 days.

I was told that I had rheumatism on my back due to washing hair late at night, and well, I didn’t even know it.

Somehow they could tell from my swollen nerve on my back. Cupping was also used on me. I did not bruise at all, as bamboo cup was used instead of glass jar, hence I believe it’s less invasive.

When we don’t do enough stretching exercise, or living a sedentary life style, and bad blood circulation, you get internal traffic jam. It’s no joke.

Pencha Link

Coming here means you will need to sweep your dignity aside. And lymph node massage is unlike those Balinese massage, it’s all kneading, pressing and rubbing underneath your armpit, your arms, and even your groin are and down under. Yes, because there are lymph nodes there too.

After my first session of lymph node massage, I noticed that my menstruation was different from usual. There was some pre-discharge in brown and it looked somewhat like the leftover from last month. As I had been told to expect this, I was quite ‘enlightened’ to see it.

However, what I like about this place is the passion and professionalism of the people here towards their job. They would do the extra mile to make sure you benefit from the treatment, as such, screaming and begging won’t make them stop rubbing your painful muscle.

They even have stroke patients coming here for physio therapy! Of course, I can’t testify for what I have not tried.

Overall, I wouldn’t say this is a ‘pleasant’ experience in terms of enjoyment, but I will be returning for more treatment 😉

Price: RM120/hr

Payment Method: Cash Only

Contact: Call 012-73801822 for appointment

Address: Lot 3196 Jalan Penchala Indah, Kg Sg Penchala, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.

GPS: N 03.17209 E 101.62448

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