Acca Kappa Wood Pins Brush – Would you splurge on a comb?

by xin on July 1, 2011

As ironic as it seems, most people whom I know of are willing to splurge on hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, mask, or any sorts of treatments), but not many of us are willing to splurge on a comb.

3 hair brushes

Over the years, I would not say I have purchased many combs, but most of them are the cheap plastic brush/combs even with the fact that I have had long hair all my life. I was never really particular about combs, until I met Acca Kappa.

3 hair brushes2

Showing you 3 different hair brushes: Acca Kappa, 101 Hair Care free brush, and a mini hair brush from the Body Shop for traveling. Let’s put the mini aside here, as it is nothing really fantastic. I got it because it was on sale, and I needed one for traveling.

When I first received the free 101 Hair Care brush, I thought it was the best that I have ever owned, of course, when I compared it to all the cheap plastic combs in the past.  The handle is nice to hold, the tips are not too hard, and that’s about it – all I that I need from a comb.

101 hair brush

By comparison, when you press the pins down, it is harder and the cushion does not sink. It’s not springy like Acca Kappa. It does not bounce to create the ‘massage effect’. The pins are thicker and the distance between the pins are wider.

acca kappa hair brush soft

Now, moving on to this Acca Kappa brush.

The design of this hair brush looks really generic, but the mechanism is totally different from what I have used in the past!

When you press the pins down, the soft bed sinks rhythmically with the pressure! Imagine massaging it over your head, the pins are thin enough to separate your entangled hair, yet gentle enough to massage your scalp without hurting you, thanks to the rounded tips.

The first time I glided the comb down my hair, I was impressed!

It is totally different experience with this brush.

The very first day of using this brush, my hair felt magically soft even without any hair serum! Good stuff you bet!

I so felt like hugging the hair brush and award it!

acca kapp hair brush

This is the largest size of hair brush in their line. The design is very ergomonically sophisticated. The wooden handle is very nice to be held and it does not slip from your hand, not with this size of brush anyway. It dries up pretty fast after shower too.  I really wonder what is the big technology built within the comb. Maybe it’s the wood, maybe it’s the cushion, or maybe it’s Acca Kappa!  ( Maybe one day they will pay me to be their advocate ^_^v )

I thought it is a rather interesting topic. So, would your splurge on a comb? What’s the most expensive comb that you have ever purchased?

Price: RM150 (prices vary with the sizes, starting from RM90 for the smallest brush)

Availability: Acca Kappa stores

Note: The above experience is only based on my one week’s use with the brush.

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domncroxd July 1, 2011 at 9:55 am

wah. i’m tempted to check out the AK store here in klcc now. did you buy any of their treatments?


xin July 1, 2011 at 11:31 am

didn’t buy any of their hair treatments, not very cheap so i am not sure i am willing to trial since i have not read any reviews on them. but if u do, lemme know! 😀


Paris B July 1, 2011 at 10:00 am

I always thought Acca Kappa was a bit of overpriced hype but you know, I do trust it works for you. Now who do I have to bribe for a piece of Acca Kappa action? 😉 Have short hair but hair is dropping like crazy these days!


xin July 1, 2011 at 11:33 am

i hope it a long run it will help to reduce hair loss 😉 but think about it, if u spend so much on a comb, naturally u will try to use it as long as possible, since it is not really a wear-n-tear good 😉


plue July 1, 2011 at 1:20 pm

the most ever expensive comb i ever have is from Body Shop, works goods enough for me (for now lah), gives me good shine but i am tempted to try this Acca Kappa but so expensive lah! i am also dropping a lot of hair lately >.<


xin July 1, 2011 at 4:06 pm

i have been dropping hair too ><


lyn July 1, 2011 at 2:03 pm

Glad that the brush works for you! I don’t even brush / comb my hair half the time but I’m lazy that way 🙂 I only have one brush and it’s the big round one from TBS.


xin July 1, 2011 at 4:06 pm

wow! and yr hair still looks alright without a comb!!!!


gio July 1, 2011 at 2:45 pm

Wow, that’s an expensive brush! I’m glad to hear it works so well for you though. 🙂


xin July 1, 2011 at 4:07 pm

i am glad that at least it lives up to its price too 😉


Nikki July 1, 2011 at 11:21 pm

I would definitely splurge on good combs or brushes! I have my favorite CONAIR wide tooth comb for more than a decade! 🙂 I’d love to get the same brand as yours! I believe we have it down here!


prettybeautiful July 2, 2011 at 5:21 pm

wow same hair brush for more than a decade?! u have gotten ALL your $ worth already!


Kahani July 2, 2011 at 9:23 am

Actually, I thought RM150 was reasonable for Acca Kappa. Have they lowered the prices? Thought it was RM200 and over. =P I believe in buying one darned good brush and using it for the next 5+ years. My current TBS paddle brush may need replacing soon. Hmm…


prettybeautiful July 2, 2011 at 5:22 pm

hmm i am not sure if they have lowered the price, but i think it has been this price all these while. maybe u can look at this brush + with the length of your hair, it will worth the money!


sesame July 2, 2011 at 10:45 am

Wow, you’ve got me sold. I’m particular about my hair but I use cheap combs. Okay, maybe once I used one made from ivory.


prettybeautiful July 2, 2011 at 6:31 pm

comb made from ivory? that’s quite a wow!


nullisecundus March 6, 2012 at 12:31 am

I concede with prettybeautiful. I am a lucky owner of more than one Acca Kappa brushes 🙂

Its pneumatic technology has therapeutic effects on the scalp. Chinese traditional and ayurvedic pactices advocate massaging your scalp daily. It feels tingling wonderful and especially so when you have a heavy heavy head full of stress or headache. Stress??? Anyone stress free nowadays??? Investing RM150 for 1 decade on your crown of glory ….expensive??? works out to RM15 a year! Not too bad ya.


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