Ever since reading about Nexcare acne patch on So Loverly, I am so loving this now! Comes in 3 sizes – I bought the 18 patches which is the medium one, the smaller one was 7 patches i think. It was only RM8.90 I think. Economical and magical! It has only 2 sizes, which are […]


If you have been to Etude House, you may have seen this before. Other than buying my Enjoy your rice day pumpkin soap, I picked up this as well! It’s only RM4! It comes in 2 where you can put one each on your index finger on your left and right hand. The back of […]


Biore Pore Pack Black

by xin on July 14, 2008

It’s been long since I last used a pore-pack, so I decided to have some fun and bought this black strips. A spanking clean black strip… 15 minutes later… WARNING: GROSS PICTURES AHEAD!


7-Day Pimples Combat!

by xin on July 2, 2008

It’s been a week since my serious-stressor pimple break out. Let’ see how am i now 😀 Second day of pimple break out, miserable and painful. So, I bought Garnier SOS Blemish Clear Pen. 5 hours after first application. Pimples are dried up. Despo still, I went facial for pimple extraction at Aster Spring KLCC. […]


Thanks for your many ideas and concern, I am on my way to recovery from pimples (or so i hope). So, how did this Garnier SOS Blemish Clear Pen score after all? It is stated on the box that visible efficiency in 5 hours. True that. Pimples dry out after 5 hours of application and […]


Garnier SOS Blemish Clear Pen

by xin on June 26, 2008

Just for your girls to know how bad i am now 🙁 those came out over 3 nights. It was a smooth surface last week. 🙁 Based on the recommendations, I just bought myself this and applied. Let’s wait for 5 hours to see the results. Kill me. 🙁